Fallen Angels 3: World of the Angel (MACE West 2020)

Fallen Angels 3: World of the Angel (MACE West 2020)

Date: February 29, 2020

I can safely say that this game went well, but in a very different direction from the previous session. I had four ladies in my game including my wife. While I worked hard to keep things appropriate, it definitely did not end that way. And again, as long as everyone had fun, I was fine with it. Not all my Reich Star games have to be serious.

Players were Heath H and Christina S (from the previous session) and added my wife, Gary M, Jess D., and Katie W. Playing in order – The Doctor, the Psychic, the Hacker Assassin, the Uber Soldier, the Attractive Pilot and the Scarred Soldier.

I re-created the pill as a tooth implant, just to take that out of the game to see how it goes.

This one was going to be different because they were going into an unknown location, searching for various locations. Not knowing what they were getting into was a common thing between the two sessions but how they go in made a big difference. In the first one, they are infiltrating through a hidden entrance, while in the second, they are dropping directly in through the teleport technology with no going back.

The first and second act was all exploration and horror themed. Psychic influencing, zombies and creatures stores in containment tubes. Lots of fun!

The third act was on another world, thus the name, where they encountered the son of Hess, his minions and finally Hess himself (although he was heavily mutated).

The “mistake” I made was in describing Hess’s son as a cyber-suited perfect Ayran. This was proceeded by the question from one players (the Attractive Pilot) “Is he hot!?” And it sent from there. Crit fails and a lot of sexual innuendo lead to the main bad guy being very distracted while the others took out the minions and then the dad. I was not prepred for that.