Fask’Jiit Assassins

Fask’Jiit Assassins

I came up with this race on my own but I was told there were similar to the Dalecks of Dr. Who.  At the time, I was not 100% familiar with the Daleck origins but looking back, I have to agree.

{original notes} Fask’Jiit are alien creatures that evolved from a slow-moving slug-creature on a gaseous world in the Ka’abrellian system with very little other life.  They developed intelligence but no means to leave the confines of their world.  The Ka’abrel contacted the Fask’Jiit and allied with them.  Together they developed the hovering pods that allow them to leave the their world and serve their Ka’abrel allies (masters).  They integrated to the Ka’abrel elite guard.  The pods became a way of life for them.  All newborns are immediately bred into the pods.

The Fask’Jiit are one of the ruling classes of servant creatures known as the Faskadel. To understand the origins of the Faskadel, the evolutionary history of the Ka’Abrel must be studied. In the early centuries of the Ka’Abrelian evolutionary history, the proto-Ka’Abrel swam in the primordial oceans, preying on marine life. Like terran sharks, they were always accompanied with symbiotic-hitch-hiker organisms; the proto-Faskadel. The early Faskadel were symbiotic slug-like creatures feeding off of the algae and plankton that grew on their hosts. They also developed a low-level psionic link with their host, drawing on its psionic power. As the Ka’Abrel evolved, so did the Faskadel to a degree. When the Ka’Abrel evolved intelligence, a civilization, and technology, the Faskadel evolved into creatures similar to Old-Earth house pets. When the Ka’Abrel developed genetic engineering, they immediately started experimenting on the Faskadel. These experiments led to the forced evolution of the Faskadel, with the development of intelligence, and strong psionic powers including their ability to manipulate the gravity around them. They were bred to live in the armored vessel that was designed for them. Their symbiotic nature grew and evolved as well. It grew into a strong psionic link and a servant-nature to their “masters”. This has allowed the Ka’Abrel to become a very powerful race with out lifting a claw. They designed the Faskadel society into castes, with the warrior caste, the Fask’Jiit, as one of the ruling groups, along with the religious and scholars as the other ruling castes.

Modern Faskadel simply serve their Ka’Abreli because it’s in their nature, nothing else. They don’t have a treaty or alliance, and they aren’t treated as slaves. In fact they’ve developed their own technology, their own religions, and their own lives, all in conjunction and in service of their masters. The Faskadel scientists improved on the vessels they were bread to live in, especially the Fask’Jiit vessel, and now are the state of their art armored suits. All the designs allow for maximum efficiency in the use of their gravity manipulation ability. The warrior design utilizes the best in their cloaking technology and matter-transference technology to enable the warriors to be the most efficient killing machines. The Fask’Jiit have become the most feared force in the Ka’Abrel sphere of influence. Their slug-like bodies are completely encased in their armored vessels, and the only time they can come out is when they are near their natural habitat, salt water. The higher in the Ka’Abreli is on the political tree, the more Faskadel serve it. The Ka’Abrel Emperor has an army of Faskadel.

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