Fenn Rizaar

Fenn Rizaar

Fenn Rizaar was a highly successful bounty hunter from the Mantis Syndicate who later joined the Black Bha’lir.

As a member of the Mantis Syndicate, Rizaar was pursuing Kaine Paulsen, an eminent member of the Bha’lir, when he accidentally killed an Imperial stormtrooper. A gunfight ensued, when additional stormtroopers arrived in response to the apparent attack. Though the odds were stacked heavily against him, Rizaar managed to escape with the aide of his own quarry, Kaine Paulsen. Paulsen led Rizaar to a deserted scrapyard where he had hidden a ship, offering him refuge on Socorro. Rizaar was apprehensive of Paulsen’s offer; but having little alternative, he accepted.

After news of the unfortunate events had spread, the Mantis Syndicate denied any affiliation with Rizaar and sought to collect the 70,000 credit bounty that had been placed on his head. The Mantis Syndicate, however, were not the only ones who had been tempted by the bounty. The Bah’lir had also wanted to claim the bounty on Rizaar. It was only by Paulsen’s testimony that Rizaar was spared the vengeance of the Bha’lir.

Inspired by Paulsen’s actions, Rizaar swore his loyalty to the Black Bha’lir in order to repay the debt he owed Paulsen for having twice saved his life. Though Rizaar fully intended to take revenge on the Mantis Syndicate for their betrayal, his life debt to the Black Bha’lir came first.
A decade later, Rizaar was awarded membership in the Black Bha’lir. As a member, Rizaar was primarily charged with locating and often eliminating those who had dishonored the smuggler’s code by which the Bha’lir lived. As an enforcer of the Rites of Retribution, Rizaar was very well regarded by the other members of the society.FennRizaar

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