Flight 191 for Douglas

Flight 191 for Douglas

Setting: World War Z

System: D20 Modern or True20

Location: Charlotte, NC

When: Late in the Great Panic

Players are onboard a flight from (somewhere) to Charlotte, trying to get home.  Characters will include:

  • National Guard Private back from the Middle East
  • Air Marshall
  • Business man
  • Athlete (NFL player)
  • Teenage delinquent kid
  • Pilot?

Unbeknownst to the players, Charlotte is being overrun as they arrive.  The plane is put in a holding pattern for far too long with no local airports answering.  The plane runs out of fuel and has to ditch.  It looks for the Catawba River just outside Belmont in hopes that it will absorb some of the impact and at least some passengers will survive.

The players are unaware of any of this, and wake up in the wreckage of


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