Fort Skull Fire

Fort Skull Fire

History of Skull Fire

Fort Skull Fire was one of 7 weapons stations built by a Saurian Regime of Sculedrus “The Skull” Kane, called the God Shield.  Lord Kane was notoriously paranoid of the gods and their wrath, and used his people’s mastery of technology to build 7 massive defense cannon.  Some would say he was a visionary, foreseeing the future cataclysm.  No one knows for sure if he did or not, but he feared something.

Using Dwarven slave labor, he built 7 massive cannons along the mountains of what is now called the Rift, tapping into the Geo-Thermal energies to power them.  Along with these, he built 14 monitoring stations linked to a network of satellites he secretly teleported into space.  Since the cataclysm and the Chaos Wars, many of these stations were destroyed, but at least one of the forts remains repairable.  This is Fort Skull Fire.

Since the Cataclysm, Fort Skull Fire has sat upon a large plateau overlooking the Rift.  Some say that the Rift was formed from an initial blast by the gods designed to take out the God Shield cannons.  The truth may never be known.  Much of the plateau is covered and overgrown, so the ruins are rarely seen.  Because it is so close to the Rift, few go near it.

The God Shield

Upon completion of the God Shield network, Lord Skull commissioned one of his dwarven slaves to construct a shield to commemorate the completion.  He then forced the dwarven chieftain to give it to him in appreciation of “allowing his tribe” to be a part of the construction. He then slaughtered the entire tribe.  It is said that the shield was cursed from that moment on and Lord Skull had it torn in half.

On the shield were several inscriptions describing the GOd Shield Network, their locations.  On the back of the shield was a map of the mountains and  network.

Forward Bunker – One of the last remaining forward observation and defense posts for Fort Skull Fire.  There is an heavy blaster cannon that is considerably deteriorated but repairable.  A power source is needed to complete the repairs.  This is not necessarily considered part of the holy ground of the Cult. Encounter: {A creature now make the bunker his lair?}.  Findings: {Tunnel that leads to the fort?}

Main Gate – Legend says that the gate is made of a giant’s skull.

GeoThermal Venting – Power for the fort comes from a geothermal vein of molten fulgrin inside the mountain.

Central Control – Most secure building on in the fort.

Cannon – Also very secure, this large multi-floor building contains all that is needed to fire the cannon.  Once it gets target data from Central Control, it can shot anything down all the way to high orbit.

Cannon Power – Power conversion for the entire fort, currently dormant.  It is infested with vermin from down below.

Garage – Two vehicles contained in here, both serviceable.

Barracks – Multi-level building, infested with {something}

Landing Pad