Physical Description

Frak’terians are tall humanoids creatures, covered in a leathery wrinkled skin. They have vaguely horned heads with small eyes, and a tapered nose area. Their hands and jointed-tentacular members, covered in the same thick leathery skin.

Their skin appears to be stretched. They have a large amount of access skin, but it self-retracts when stretched. This theorized to be a defense mechanism left over from the creatures they evolved from.

Average Size: 2.1 meters
Average Mass: 90 kg
Average Life-span: 340 years
Reproduction: heterosexual, viviparous
Body Temp: 39 C

Historical Detail.

Frak’terians were contacted by the Dralasites when a Frak’terians life-ship came to the aid of a Dralasite space liner in trouble on the Outer colonies of the Rim. The Dralasite ship was under quarantine with a deadly virus (some suspect the Blue Plague, but no one truly knows), and the “fraks” were able to cure the entire ship.

The Frak’terians have revealed much of their history to the Frontier diplomats and
analysts, revealing a society with a long history revolving around the
life-sciences. Life, to them, is sacred. Most, among the other things they do
in their day-to-day lives, are experts in some area of life sciences, with respect to
their species, and sometimes others as well.

The Frak’terians have a long history, dating back before humans had evolved from the predecessors. They struggled. like most races, through hardship, war, and global threats. Their homeworld is in an area of space just beyond the Liberty colony of the Frontier. They have colonized the world within their system, and a few outside. They don’t call their small area of space an Empire or anything of that nature, and don’t defend their borders like most other races. It is not to say that they are pacifists, as much as it is to say that they are very open to other life forms. If they show aggression, then they show their darker side.


Aside from their very special life-sensing talent, the Frak’terians have normal senses, comparable to humans.

Speech and Languages

The Frak’terians have the ability to speak both Basic languages of the region. Their own language is a combination of audible and inaudible tones, and pulses.


All sentient life is important to the Frak’terians, and they show respect and reverence to all, unless they prove the deserve otherwise. Their aforementioned “dark side” is quite ruthless and vengeful. They use bio-weapons only they know of, to destroy. There exists a rumor that a Yazirian battle raged on-board one of their life-ships, killing several patients and a few Frak’terians. Not only was the offender killed, but all existence of his genetic code was erased from Frontier society. Before the Frontier government could intercede, all those related to this particular Yazirian suddenly fell ill and died.

Social Structure and Standards

As said, to the Frak’terians, Life is sacred, particularly sentient life. Non-sentient life serves sentient life. Their society focuses on the preservation, development and the defense of that life. This results in a higher understanding of matters related to the medical and biological sciences. Most have a stronger knowledge with in their own species, while the more advanced of their society understand the biologics of other races. These are the Frak’terians that travel on the Frak’terian life-ships.

Frak’terian Life-ships are like interstellar traveling hospitals. They usually travel in areas that are dominated by a select group of species, so as to not to over-tax their facilities. Support for more than 2 or 3 species can cause major problems. No one knows why they do this. They simply travel through out specific area of space, helping out in all things medical for the colonies when they can. They usually come to the aid of most major medical and biological problems, including plague, planetary famine, and the like. They only ask for favors and enough credits to keep supplies up.

This kind of society obviously created some of Allied Space’s best physicians, biologists, and xeno-biologists. Many corporation make large offers to the Frak’terians for their employ or at least a peek at their medical records, but to no avail.

Some believe they are studying all the known species, and using that data to create bio-weapons against them. Those the heed to that doctrine are in a small conspiratorial minority. But this minority have formed into pockets of suspicious anti-Frak’terian groups.

One thing to note about the Frak’terian society is that there are very few mentalists. It is theorized that their psionic-biology focused all their psi-potential into the life-sense ability, negating the possibility of any other use of psionic power. (in game terms, a Frak’terian mentalist character does not get the Life-Sense racial ability.)

Racial Abilities

Life-Sense: Frak’terians have a close link to the forces of life. They have the ability to touch a living creature and determine many of the medical problems it has. Some even can heal some ailments. In game terms, this has three uses.

  • Proximity Life-Detect: With a range ({INT/5}) the Frak’terian has a chance to detect any living creatures around them. They start out at Level 1 in this ability, and can raise it at Professional cost. This, of course, makes it very difficult to sneak up on a Frak’terian.
  • Empathic Diagnosis: Frak’terian, with a simple touch, have a chance of diagnosing ailments and other maladies in a sentient being. This assumes that the Frak’terian has some knowledge of the physiology of the particular sentient being. This ability starts out at Level 1 and can be increased at NonProfessional cost
  • Empathic Healing: This allows the Frak’teriam access to three mentalist abilities:
    Heal Others
    Heal Self
    Heal Self Fully

    These can be bought at normal professional cost once Empathic Diagnosis is at Level 3. Otherwise all the applicable rules apply as per a mentialist.

Bio-science Bonus: This gives the Frak’terian player bonuses towards purchasing medical and bio-science skills. The following skills are half their normal cost for the player characters:
Forensic Medicine
Medical Treatment:Disease* Skill Level
Medical Treatment:Infection* Skill Level +1 CS
Medical Treatment:Infestation* Skill Level
Medical Treatment:Miscellaneous* Automatic
Medical Treatment:Poison* Skill Level
Medical Treatment:Radiation* Skill Level
Medical Treatment:Veterinary* Level +X
Medical Treatment:Wounds I* Level +X
Medical Treatment:Wounds II* Skill Level +2 CS
Medical Treatment:Wounds III* Skill Level +1 CS
Medical Treatment:Wounds IV* Skill Level

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