Future/Sci-Fi Background Generator

This is a program I wrote based on the Central Casting: Heroes of Tomorrow background generator.  It was written in my early years of PHP but it still functionally works.  The data probably needs cleaning up but in general, it creates a fully fleshed out character.

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12 comments on “Future/Sci-Fi Background Generator
  1. DraziwLatem says:

    This has been very handy! Thanks.

  2. Elliott says:

    Is there any way we could see the source code for this ?
    We’d like to rework a version to be more compatible with Starfinder ?
    We can give you credit or other compensation for having done the hard work so far.

    • Ron McClung says:

      It’s not the code you would have to rework. It’s the database entries, which is a considerable amount of work.

    • Ron McClung says:

      If you would like, you can send me the preferred content you want in a document in table form. If you are familiar with Heroes of Tomorrow, the author placed the entries in table form, and you rolled on those tables. I can place those in the database and put together a version of your preference.

      All my code does is read the tables, randomly pick something that table, and then moves to the next, recursively.

  3. Dan says:

    hey question why does it ask/ require character name and not put it on the back ground? i am doing back stories for my characters crew

    • Ron McClung says:

      SImple answer… lazy coding. If I find time, I will try to fix that.

      • Dan says:

        actually its just under the background title i missed because i was half asleep

        • Ron McClung says:

          No I just added it 🙂

          • Dan says:

            you are awesome. I found a copy of the central castings book as well i as a pc have oh 18 human space pirate crew. through a power of divine aura 1 minion/follower per level very low mental and social stats. (7 atm) as well as 6 newly attached employees rescued from a disabled ship that stayed with me and 6 ‘elite employees’ for a total of 43 backgrounds to create in a various tech level setting you have no idea how much this helps.

  4. Ron McClung says:

    Newly updated to CodeIgniter. This will allow me to add more functionality

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