Future/Sci-Fi Background Generator

This is a program I wrote based on the Central Casting: Heroes of Tomorrow background generator.  It was written in my early years of PHP but it still functionally works.  The data probably needs cleaning up but in general, it creates a fully fleshed out character.


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12 Comments on “Future/Sci-Fi Background Generator

  1. Is there any way we could see the source code for this ?
    We’d like to rework a version to be more compatible with Starfinder ?
    We can give you credit or other compensation for having done the hard work so far.

    • If you would like, you can send me the preferred content you want in a document in table form. If you are familiar with Heroes of Tomorrow, the author placed the entries in table form, and you rolled on those tables. I can place those in the database and put together a version of your preference.

      All my code does is read the tables, randomly pick something that table, and then moves to the next, recursively.

  2. hey question why does it ask/ require character name and not put it on the back ground? i am doing back stories for my characters crew

          • you are awesome. I found a copy of the central castings book as well i as a pc have oh 18 human space pirate crew. through a power of divine aura 1 minion/follower per level very low mental and social stats. (7 atm) as well as 6 newly attached employees rescued from a disabled ship that stayed with me and 6 ‘elite employees’ for a total of 43 backgrounds to create in a various tech level setting you have no idea how much this helps.