Galiad Molentrian

Galiad Molentrian

A deceased wizard from Primogen II.  He built a fortress on the 7th moon of Primogen IV.

“Going there is a bad idea” some would say.

transcndantMolentrian inadvertantly opened a portal to [X-Realm] and brought forth a TRANSCENDENT.  Before he died, Molentrian cast a containment spell to keep the TRANSCENDENT contained, and left a warning beacon.  Since then, the TRANSCENDENT has disabled the warning beacon and built a small army out of what the wizard had there.

TRANSCENDENTS – (d20 Factory by Perpetrated Press) – The transcendent are a race of malevolently sentient robotic constructs that believe they are the evolutionary replacements for organic life forms. Unfortunately for those life forms, the transcendents have decided that organic evolution is now extraneous and should be terminated so that robotic evolution can proceed unhindered.

All transcendents appear as legless, gleaming silver robots with smooth surfaces, floating effortlessly as they pursue their campaigns of genocide. There is very little individuality in their design, and few have any distinguishing characteristics that could differentiate them from their brethren.

Fortunately for organic creatures, transcendents are rare, and usually conduct their nefarious schemes alone. There are rumors that transcendents are actually working together to complete one interconnected strategy, one so complicated that it takes an awakened robotic mind to understand.

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