Game Idea for MACE: World War Z

Game Idea for MACE: World War Z

Chris Fisher, a buddy of mine, let me borrow the book-on-tape for <i>World War Z</i> by Max Brooks. It’s several accountings of the Zombie War set in the near future. So far it is very cool. I am only on disc 2.

I had an idea though MACE. A “game series” if it can be coordinated. This is where my yahoo group list would come in handy – to coordinate all these GMs.

Get a set of GMs to run a series of games based on World War Z. Each game is in a different part of the world and can be any system out there – d20, True20, Savage Worlds, whatever. Just have a Zombie fest of games.

hmmm… thsi may be able to be worked into the Game Chef contest.

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