Vorox Muster, played by Steve Gibbs



#1 / Start Session 1 to / Dates5/1/2013 to / Where:

Gar (Vorox Warrior)

Future Histories: Imperial Space


Tech Level: Fourth Stellar

Culture: Decadent Culture

These are cultures past the peak of their prime. Decay, particularly moral decay, has begun to set in at all levels of society and the people have become pleasure-loving and jaded. Tech Level remains constant, but few significant gains are being made. Governments are commonly those which function best with multiple layers of carefully partitioned authority and responsibility (like Bureaucracies, Corporations, and Democracies). The government becomes self-perpetuating and heedless of the people’s needs. Although government support of the Poor is predominant, previously common civil liberties and government services begin to disappear. Inflation and unrestrained crime are often rampant.

Roleplay: It is not uncommon for citizens of these cultures (even the lowliest slaves and street folk) to believe that their culture is not only at its dynamic prime, but that it and they are vastly superiorto everything else. A character from this culture could easily have a haughty attitude, looking down his nose at everything. Simple pleasures might easily bore a person from this culture. On the other hand, they could be so foreign to the character that they intrigue him to no end.

Social Status: Comfortable, Nobility

This is the middle class of any Culture, regardless of the Tech Level or average wealth of its citizens. These folk usually live in clean, nicely apportioned homes or apartments, often in better neighborhoods. They eat regularly and occasionally very well. Children are schooled and often go on to higher education. They usually own conservative forms of transport – a modest ground car or other inexpensive vehicle. Luxuries include travel vacations, good food, the ability to hire occasional menial services, nice clothing, and leisure devices. This class includes “impoverished” nobility, upper level office workers, professors and teachers, skilled craftsmen and technicians, highly-skilled laborers, lower government officials, low-ranking military officers, lesser clergy, and shopkeepers.

Roleplay: Folk from this Social Status are considered to represent the mainstream of their Culture’s beliefs and attitudes.

Nobles: Parents were a Baron/Baroness (Ruled a barony, smallest sized fiefdom.) Sphere of Influence: Local (influence limited to a country and its neighbors, either by control or reknown).


Legitimate Birth, Two Parents, Siblings & Birth Order: eighth of 8

Place of Birth: Core World (near the center of civilization). Hostile world. This world is unsuited to supporting life. In a temple of a good church or religion.

Significant Events of Childhood

A change or upheaval occurs in the characters family. Character changes locale. The move is across the galaxy {known worlds}.

Significant Events of Adolescence

Rivals force the characters family/tribe to move to a new locale or face reprisals. { They are forced down a Night Road.} They discover an artificial world – a world constructed by ancient sentient beings.  {This becomes the character’s new home world}.

{While there, they find a cult of aliens primitives (human-like) that worship “that which is that the center of the world”.}  Fanatic followers of this religion overthrow the government. Unbelievers are rounded up and imprisoned in make-shift camps. The character is caught up in the fervor of this people’s belief and willingly joins them. Using captured spacecraft, the true believers take their faith to the spaceways. After 2 years with the followers of the religion, the character finds himself isolated from other believers to fend for himself on a strange planet. Retribution attacks kill or imprison most believers, including the character’s companions.


Parent 1 (father):

Occupations: Jewelry making.

Father has many enemies. The rivals seeks out the character. Who?: An enemy of the family. An insult was perceived by one or the other. What?: Intense: Rival hates the character, and goes out of his way to foil him. Secretly hopes for the chance to injure the character in some way (physically, emotionally, financially, socially, etc.)

Father becomes a involved in interstellar piracy.  An old pirate teaches the character a few tricks about bladed weapon use, giving him increased skill in knife, sword or energy blade use.

At one point, the character discovered that several items taken in a recent heist are allegedly “cursed.” No fence will take them and even the owner is making no attempts to recover his property. They are a sealed trunk {container} and an ornate sword.

Parent 2: mother

Occupations: A research scientist who investigates and develops computer/brain linkups, including the electronic recording and storage of the contents of the brain.

{Through some strange event in a temple, the character learned skills above her tech level – cybernetics. She spends many hours/days/months studying this skill in the temple library.}

Sibling 1 (brother):

Occupation: Administrator/Manager: Oversees the operations of a large scale business or other organization.

Noteworthy Items: NPC has many enemies. Rivals: Who?: An Alien. Why?: They are sporting event rivals. What?: Jealous: Rival dislikes the character, and takes secret pleasure in embarassing, thwarting or beating him. Physical injury is usually not intended, but if it happens, it happens. Rival may appear to be a friend or ally.

Exotic Events: The character makes first contact with an alien race (aerial multi-pedal)  {the artificial world seems to be full of them}. This encounter greatly affects all future relations with the beings. The alien was the lone survivor of his race and passed on a gift to the character.  The alien made the character is unaffected by disease.

Noteworthy Items: NPC has many jilted ex-lovers

Sibling 2 (brother):

Occupation: Courtier/Courtesan: an attendant in the court of a Noble or Royal ruler sometimes nothing more than a fancy prostitute (particularly the female courtesan).

GM Notes  5/1/2013

He Who Lies Beneath

The Artificial Planet that Gar is from is a significant find, if anyone ever found it.  It’s origins are unknown.  Only a few known it’s existence.  All loyal believers are sworn to secrecy.  He Who Lives Beneath demands it.  Gar’s brother (Sibling 6)  is the only person with a Jump Key to the planet and he has not been seen in years.

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