Genetic Modification

Genetic Modification

OCRed this from something I had in my files.  I think one of my players wrote this up.

A character with the Genetics skill can make certain changes on the fetuses of organic life forms, thus modifying the basic form. None of these changes will affect living things in any way. They merely change the results of that beings genetic material into something more useful. There is no need for a natural birth; in fact, incubators are used in most cases.

Level One: Can bioengineer an increase or decrease of five STR or size by five cm per success column – 5 for yellow 10 green, 15 blue, 20 cobalt; can alter color of skin, fur, feathers or eyes.

Level Two: Can bioengineer an increase or decrease of Str and size by ten (cm)/SC; minor exterior alterations +/- 5 armor, thicker fur or hairless body, longer tail, ect.

Level Three: Can bioengineer +/- 10/SC in any attribute; complex external alterations +/- 15 armor, gliding flaps, spikes, ectc.

Level Four: Can bioengineer an increase/decrease in any attribute by +/- 15/SC; minor structural alterations paws to hands, quadruped to biped, litters of young rather than single births.

Level Five: Can bioengineer an increase/decrease in any attribute by +/- 20/SC; major structural alterations: speech, herbivore to carnivore, immunity to certain types of poison, radiation resistant, disease carrier, etc.

Level Six: Can bioengineer an increase or decrease in any ability by 25/SC; add unnatural body parts: wings, tail, extra legs, poison glands, etc; create whole new abilities: breathe water, mental powers, luminescence.

Time: 70 months – (Log/5) per mutation.

Laboratory required -4 months I level of computer.

It must be noted that since the Sauron rebellion of 196 F.Y., it has been a felony to modify any intelligent species or give intelligence to an animal. Other genetic modifications are frowned upon and required governmental approval. This racial purity movement is hoped to die down after the Sauron menace is finished.