Genin Stealth Combat Armor

Genin Stealth Combat Armor

Level: 3

SEU: 20/hour

Protect: 100

Cost: Currently unavailable for sale

Mass: BMM x 4 Kg.

Helmet: Starlight visor, Infra red sensor, 3 progit body comp, Chrono Display and Comlink, Body Scan, Video Cam

Misc. Power: 50 SEU

Scanners: Motion (A), Parabolic (A), Odor (A)

Fields: Holo .

Special: Grapple gun with explosive head, Travel Hooks, +10 Str, Double speed, Holo projector, 100m of microline

Weapons: Grenade Launcher Attachment

Background and Notes: The Genin class powered armor suit was designed as the ultimate in personal stealth equipment – the Black Stealth-1 of the powered armor community. It’s light weight, effective armor is perfect for the non-combat orientation of its missions. The Holo-suit and Holo projector work in tandem to provide almost invisibility along with decoy generation. The full complement of scanners and visors give it excellent spy capabilities. The whole suit is the best for the least weight that designers have been able to achieve.

The most unique aspect of the Genin is the travel hooks. These are monofilament hooks built into the hands and feet. When energized, they emit an energy field capable of carrying 700 Kg of weight IN ANY DIRECTION. It is possible to walk, upside down and up walls spider-man style. If the wearer chooses not to use his hands, 600 Kg is still possible. The military and civilian/corporate possibilities with a Genin suit are incredibly endless.

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