Get ready for some 80s remakes!

Get ready for some 80s remakes!

Holy Cow! Just read this article on Dark Horizons web site ( Hollywood is truly out of original ideas. There is a boat-load of new remakes coming. Some of these I could not care less about but most are pretty near and dear to my fanboy heart. They could really screw these up with updating them. Here is how I either see it or would like to see it…

Red Dawn – Dude, in my mind this is one of those movies that does not need to be touched at all. Hands off! You can only screw this movie up. This was a classic Cold war era movie that I really really loved. What can they do with this? Commies are more or less gone, so they have to create a new enemy. Are they going to use Islamic radicals? No, not politically correct Hollywood and it would not jive with “Red” in “Red Dawn. So it would have to be China or North Korea (or both). Where would Russia be during all this? The backstory to the original was very detailed. I can only hope that they do the same in the remake. This could be really good or really bad.

Clash of the Titans – This is another classic they really do not need to touch. It is a great Ray Harryhausen film, that I know they will cheese up with crappy CGI. Unless they do this with great consideration to the work of Ray Harryhausen, this movie is goign to be eye candy. From what I have read, Harryhausen is involved, so I am hopeful.

Robocop – Ok, another classic. But one that probably could use a little reworking. I mean the Ford Taurus as cruisers really date the film. But I would like to see more cyberpunk elements in there. Citizens with implants, virtual reality or holographic computer systems, stuff like that. This could be done well or very badly. I ahve seen the movie poster and so far, I am very concerned it will be the latter.

Friday the 13th – I have known about this for a while, witht he remake of Hallween, Texas Chainsaw, The Hills Have Eyes and Amityville Horror, this had to be next. I have seen the trailer and read the articles about what is going on in the movie, and it makes me hopeful. Maybe there will be consistency in the Jason myth.

A Nightmare of Elm Street-I was a bigger Freedy fan than Jason fan simply because there was more consistency in the mythology behind Freddy. I am not sure how this remake is going to go. I am going to wait and see. I felt that the mythology established in the movies was solid enough and did not warrant a remake.

Weird Science – I am was not a HUGE fan of this movie but it was OK. A cult classic in its own right, I am not sure where this can go. Just more nerds makes and meets hot babe thing, I guess.

The Thing – Another classic, but this has already has been done twice, so I can not say it should not be done. I think John Carpenter’s remake was good enough… great in fact. Once again, I fear the CGI eye candy that they are going to do. Stan Winston’s work in that film was absolutely brilliant.

They Live – This is a movie I am in full support of remaking. It had such a great premise and was ruined by Roddy Piper and his antics. A 5 minute fight seen!! Why? I really look forward to this remake.


Not so sci-fi films …

Adventures in Babysitting – All I have to ask is…why? I saw this movie in the theaters and it is apparently a cult classic…. but why? I did not think it was all that great.

Romancing the Stone– Great film on its own, I have to ask ‘why?’ again. What can be done that is better than this film. There are simply some films you do nto need to redo and they are usually ones like this.

The Karate Kid – This was a date movie for me. I tok some girlfriends to see these films. From what I hear, they are going to go with Will Smith’s kid for the title role. Could be interesting, but again, it is a classic. I would see this as a re-imagining more than a remake. There are themes in this film that are timeless and can be used in any setting.

Movies I could not care less about the remakes … Arthur, Footloose, and Flashdance.