Infinity Unlimited

Narn Agent, Aspiring Thenta Makur, strongly loyal to the Narn Regime,  He is a former member of Infinity Limited Merc group. (Played by Bill Barrier)

Aspiring to be a Thenta Makur, while on B5, G’kahn worked as a messenger, after his merc unit was disbanded.

Player: Bill Barrier

Agent/PrC: Thenta Makur/PrC: Master T.M.

Thena Makur AssassinsD’Kahn has a goal to join the Thenta Makur.

  • They are assassins, pure and simple. They leave a death blossom as a calling card.
  • They are very selective; select only true hunters.
  • The prospective member must survive his own assassination attempt to join.
  • Once they have survived their own assassination attempt, they are ‘death seeds’ (Duth’Darak)
  • A death seed must succeed 4 successive missions to finally be accepted.
  • Thenta Makur member never meet; assignments are always conveyed through message couriers.

D’Kahn – Game Log

Session I

Worked as freelance agent and errand boy.  Had a few courier jobs.

Tested by Roland, a brawl by multiple thugs, was beaten pretty badly.

Session II

The only character that was not effected by the flash-bang at the cliff-hanger ending.

Session III

Helped the group escape the Llort pirates and then stayed at the Liberty  (Bill Barrier had to leave early)

Session IV

Was one of the two Narn contacted by the Narn official ( … name … ) in The Eye of Shdaow sub-campaign.  This will get him noticed within the Ka’Ri.

Session V

Captured by Drazi Merc group.  Helped eacape.

Session VI

IDEA: While on Quolok Station – The Eye of the Shadow – he finds captured Narn (who happens to be a Thenta Makur but he does not know that) .  He is a prisoner of the Centauri crime family, the Bregarri. (connect Kiron Jaddo)

(Was not there) – his character was captured by the Bragarri Syndicate (banished Centauri family)


Session VIII

Acquired a Vree cloaking device and left it for the Thenta Makur as a present.

Session IX

Messenger for the hit on Max Durnado, also was recruited to help in the hit.

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