Good Night Vienna

Good Night Vienna

System/Setting: CoC 6e/World War II, North Africa

From The Shadows of War adventure supplement (PDF).  This was a phenomenal experience.  One of the best games I have ever run at MACE.  Good adventure, grounded in real world experiences.  I even built a model of the plane they were flying

Ran it with only a few tweaks and it was awesome. Running it at MACE 2012. I am also assembling the plastic model of a B-24 for effect. Update: Ran it at MACE with fewer tweaks but did not hold back on the beasties. Killed 4 out of 8 player characters. It was awesome. It took a while because the players got WAY into their characters and roleplayed hardcore. Everyone surprised me. Awesome con game but it took about 6 hours.

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