Gorak’s Personal Log: Log Entry 1

Gorak’s Personal Log: Log Entry 1


Personal Log:

<Gorak Khzam: First Officer of The New Republic Farstar>

I still feel uncomfortable with the decision to enter the Kathol Outback. There’s so little out here that’s worth anything. What exactly am I trying to accomplish here? Capture Sarne and bring him to justice? I’m not sure anyone can do that. I’d be happy to shoot him if the opportunity presented itself…turn me into some kind of New Republic hero, like that General Solo they keep talking about…he started out a lot like me, didn’t he? But Sarne isn’t my responsibility! The Farstar got me off of Kal’Shebbol. That’s what I wanted, right? Isn’t that enough? I’m just not sure anymore…things are changing too fast.

My overly-ambitious “business” partner made a lot of good points while I was “speaking” to him. How can I run the “business” if I’m wrapped up in all this New Republic political maneuvering? They would never approve of the activities involved in our “business” anyway. Am I wrong to try and change our trade goods to meet their standards? I stand to lose alot of my people…good people…well, good at what they do, at least…I don’t think any of them have good hearts! They’ll want to keep their old businesses going…stay comfortable…refuse to change…even in the face of legal prosecution by the NR.

Maybe it would be a whole lot easier to just walk away? One of my contacts out here has to have a ship I could use. But what good would that do me? If the NR does take over this sector, my activities will become illegal. And although, I’m sure I could survive like that for awhile, I feel somehow that I’ve got a lot more to gain if I can work with the New Republic. Just by being on board this ship I’ve already got more clout than Sabiador could ever have claimed on its own. Even the Hutts are being compelled to speak with me…partially because I’m NR…but partially because they know and feel the changes that are coming to this sector with Sarne out of the picture. Maybe, by putting aside the things that the NR would frown upon, Sabiador will still be able to turn a profit…perhaps an even better profit than we’re making now…especially if we can say the NR is behind what we do. The Noble Houses alone would open up more of their doors to us if we can say we’re legitimized by the New Republic itself.

Of course, even I have to admit that all of my thoughts these days aren’t driven by the business as much anymore. It’s that damn priest’s fault! Maybe I should have been the one that murdered him. But, no…even I can’t say that with any amount of conviction now. He was one of the few people I ever trusted with the truth. I can still remember what he said to me…not all that long before he died. And that’s the only reason I helped Adrimetrum when she was brought down by the Wraith. She should be thanking the Light Prophets that I didn’t take her precious ship and crew with members of Sabiador. If my business “partners” knew the opportunity that I passed up…all because of the words of a priest!…they’d never let me live…

Look at what I’ve become! A bleeding-heart for justice and doing the “nice” thing. Well, I know one thing for sure…all this “niceness” is building up a very large desire to burn something. Anything. Anyone. So Sarne had better be very careful when we meet again. This time he won’t be the one talking down to me. And if he does…he’s very likely to be the one I’ll burn down when all this “niceness” boils over! And if he and I should happen to die in the process…well, it’s not like both of us don’t deserve it.

<End Personal Log>

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