Government Shutdown Rant!

With this Shutdown, all I hear about are the government employees going without paychecks. And of course, this is by design! No actual talk about a service people miss or starving children who can’t get their food stamps.
Is it me, or there something distinctly wrong with that?

I mean. it makes it sound like the soul purpose of the government is to give these people a paycheck. That these people are entitled to their jobs. Am I entitled to my job? No, because I am in the free market. But the government employee is? How does that work?

Trumpster gets the blame when it’s really the Senate’s fault for not putting together a budget (and not doing that for the past 20 year or so).

While I totally empathize with those struggling without paychecks right now, at least you are going to get back pay when things get started back up. We can’t say that to people that lose their job in the free market. If you don’t like these shutdowns, don’t work for the government. Join us in the free market. You are not entitled to that job or that paycheck!

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