Guild Game Day Fall 2008 Report

Guild Game Day Fall 2008 Report

It was a week ago, but I have been meaning to post a report about it. It went very well, despite the location. Fretwell just does not cut it for me. I advised the Guild President to think about using AfterHour Cafeteria like we had used in the past. I think he put it in Fretwell because that’s where the LARP takes place. Unfortunately he is making the gamers scrounge for space for the sake of the LARP. Not a fair trade, in my opinion.

In the end, however, it worked OK. I played AT-43 with Bill Barrier first. That is awesome. Karman Snipers are NASTY! Minis games is something I have been into off and on but only if it is easy for me. I like painting OK, but I do not want to spend hours doing it. That’s not my favorite part of the hobby. AT-43 lets me enjoy the parts of mini-gaming that I like without dealing with the parts that I don’t as much. Plus it is a sci-fi game that has a great background to it. Bill won a hard fought game – one in which I made a few key mistakes early and lost some good units early.

Meanwhiule, a group picked up my copy of Battlestar Galactica board game. That game looked like it went well. It is definitely a game that the humans have to work hard together to win. It is also a game that you have to play regularly to have the humans win.

Waiting for them to finish, I played a round of D-Day with a guy named Richard from the Meetup. I enjoy that game a lot and wish I could have finished with him.

The last game we played with the massive Arkham Horror game with both expansions. That seemed to sort of drag on, and I am still not sure I like the new Kingsport expansion. I want to try it again. We had to end early because it was getting late, but it really did not seem like we were going anywhere.

The Guild Game Day was a reasonable success. Kudos to Robert for getting it catered. That was some good food. We had abotu 25 to 30 people, which is a good number for a Guild Game Day. Robert says he will do more in the future. I look forward to it.

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