This race is dedicated to my good friend, John Reavis, who helped in the evolution of the race. From the Other Suns race that inspired it to the renaming of it, this races now exemplifies what kind of gamer and dreamer John Reavis was. Thank you, John.

Physical Description

The Halogai’ developed from a feline species of Child race, perhaps not too distantly related to the K’Dasi or the Bengradi. However, they evolved to much larger stature, physically, and much more aggressive. Halogai’ are fierce furred humanoid felines, the males sporting a large furry mane and the females being taller thant he males. The range in color from black to a mix of earthen colors to tan-brown. They are pure carnivores, never developing the digestive system to handle flora-based edibles. They are also tailed, like their other feline “brothers”, both female and male sporting one that is usually 1/2 the length of their body.

Average Size: 1.8 m (male) 2.0 (female)
Average Mass: 75 kg (male) 90 kg (female)
Average Life-span: 180 yrs
Reproduction: Heterosexual, viviparous
Body Temp: 37 degrees C

Historical Details

The Halogai’ homeworld, Haloga’as, is a human normal world with a surface gravity of 1.25 times that of Human-norm.

They were first encountered by the Urtoran Soveriegnty late in the Rebirth era of the Diminion. They remained a “client” species of the Urtoran for several centuries, until the Uprising. The Halogai’ did not have a representative in the Supreme Directorate, until 5 fy, after a short “war” with the Urtoran over there clientship. This war was more a political one than a military one, however, there were a few incidents. It proved to the Dominion that the Halogai’ were a force to be reckoned with not only militarily, but also politically.


All the Halogai’senses are the same as human.

Speech and Languages

The Halogai’ have no problems with Pan-Gal Common. They simply speak with extremely low voices. The modern Halogai’ have only one language which is simply called Tongue.


The Halogai’ are a honorable race. They thrive on honoring their parents and family. If one were to dishonor them or challenge the particular honor, the Halogai’ would be forced to retaliate, which usually ends up in death. They also thrive on physical pleasure without abuse to the body (no drugs, alcohol, etc.). They believe in a healthy body, and do not respect those who abuse their body with artificial, and unnatural substances. They also respect courage, and inventiveness. However, honor is everything, to a Halogai’.

The Halogai’ have no problems with any of the other races. They most respect the Humans for their ability to adapt and survive. The Bengradi is the only race Halogai’ can not get along with. (See Bengradi: Attitudes).

Social Structure and Standards

The central unit in the Halogai’an Society is the nuclear family, the father being the figure-head leader, but the mother doing the majority of the tasks. Both are honored equally. The males are traditionally the warriors, but the females are traditionally the hunter/gatherers.

Halogai’an society is ruled bya High Coucil of Honored, populated with the most honored of all Halogai’ (the ones with the longest names). The rule with wisdom and courage, with Halogai’san interests coming first above all else. There is no true equality of other species in the Halogai’an society, but there is mutual respect.

The Halogai’ are represented well by their “Emperor and King”, the most honored and influential of all Halogai’ males. He is supported by his honored mate, the “Empress and Queen”.


The Halogai’ measure honor through naming. At birth, young Halogai’ are given a generic name representative of their birth order, like “second son of Gra’aalsh”, Gra’salsh being the father. They are referenced that name until adolescence, where they must earn a name through a rite of passafge chasen by the father. Once the rite is over, the young Halogai’ chooses his first name.

Naming in a Halogai’ never ends, however. Titles represent honor in the Halogai’an society. However, the can not be false titles. One must earn them properly. In a given life, a common Halogai’ could have infinite titles. Somoe titles, at times, are collapsed into one larger one, but only neophyte beginners are without titles, and if a older Halogai’ is without a title or only have one, they are considered dishonored.

Racial Abilities

Animal Telepathy– The Halogai’ have the unique ability to communicate and read the thoughts of unintelligent creatures. Telepathy: Animals Level [1d3]./ Range: {INT}m

Claws– +5 points to Punching Score when attacking with claws.

Fur Armor- Most mammalian species have 5 points of natural armor (For Impact Type Damage Only) because of their fur.


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