He had a dream…

He had a dream…

“A report from the United Planetary Press Association. Pro-Alien Activist Blain Dronskrill spoke against the latest legislation by the Terran Imperial Inter-relations Board yo require all immigrating intelligent beings from outside the Imperial Expanse to learn Terran Common or be enrolled in the Terran Expansion Force for no shorter than one tour.

Another report on the idealist activist who wanted equality between all alien races in the Terran Imperial Expanse. Polo Grut Pildra was a new alien to the Terran regions of space. He was quite tired of hearing about this guy. He turned away from the deep space media display to his Dry Starlog Beer on the bar.

“Foolish radical. He’ll never get anywhere. Humans dominate everything they touch…” He continued to mumbled close to a drunken state.

“You’d say that about another alien fighting for all of you?” Polo looked up at an old dark skinned human “He’s fighting for you, fighting for your cousins, your brothers and fighting for your children.”

“I have no brothers or children, fool” Polo finished his beer. “That radical is Kareeshi, anyway. What does he know about my kind or my needs?”

“Kareeshi, Halanite, or Grish… and Terrans. That’s the point. We are all different but all the same in a few basic things. My grandfather told me once about a great man in his great grandfather’s time. They called him King. Judge a man… a being … by the content of his character … not the color …. or shape of their skin.”

Polo paused and tilted his head “I don’t know… “He considered buying another beer but looked at his meager funds. “Terrans make themselves out to be so much better. Look at the Empire they have built. My race could barely reach our moons when they arrived. They seem to be first in everything.”

“Don’t you believe that.” The old man bought Polo another beer. “That that silly media box talking. You are being trained by what they want you to hear. All beings were created equal – no matter what color, way of having babies, or number of tentacles. We humans have forgotten our own past and once again, we are doomed to repeat it. If you only knew…”

“Yea well, why does it matter to me?” Polo nodded in appreciation for the beer.

“It does matter to you! It matters to him and it mattered to King. It matters because maybe one day, your people will be first at something…”