Highbreed Reborn (True20)

Setting (System): Star*Drive/Star Frontiers (True20 System)

Started: 2/16/2011

Campaign Setting Year: 2501 AD (11 years after first contact between the Verge and the Expanse)

Using a modified Star Drive combining it with some Star Frontiers elements, resurrecting an old campaign a third time with some modifications. Digging up some old Star Frontiers adventures and using them as the core adventures. Converted everything to True20.

It is a new age of discovery in the Stellar Ring and the Verge. Only a few years after the re-engagement of the connection to Old Space, a new region of space is discovered and new aliens are contacted.  The Zebulon’s Expanse, as it is translated, is a smaller region with 3 major races – the Vrusk, the Yazirian and the Dralasite.  They have their fringe factions as well, which include minor races like the Osakar, the Ifshnit and the Humma.  However, more curious is the humans scattered throughout the region of space with no apparent homeworld.  Most believe these a lost Terran humans scattered by some ancient alien race but there is little proof at this point.

Hidden deep in the space between the Verge and the Zebulon’s Expanse, known as the Frontier, are secrets.  Something has been awakened perhaps by the contact between the two powers and it’s intentions are perhaps less then benevolent.

Chapters (Published adventures this campaign was based on)

Black Starfall (Star*Drive)
The Eleanor Moraes, Beyond the Frontier Part 1 (Star Frontiers)
Face of the Enemy, Beyond the Frontier Part 2 (Star Frontiers)
Warmachine, Beyond the Frontier Part 3 (Star Frontiers)
Lighthouse (Star*Drive)
The Last Warhulk (Star*Drive)

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