HLA Strike Team Alpha

HLA Strike Team Alpha

Transcribing more of my hand written stuff ….

Team Leader: Casarel Thakeem (Glahnite male)

Team Recon Spec: Quinn Alteresh (human male)

Team Tech Spec: Korsodel Nimak (Kabashi female)

Team Sniper: Borgori Moro (Redna male)

Casarel “Cas” Thakeem

Team Leader, Glahnite male, Fringer, HLA member

Agility 11

Dodge 13, Maneuver 12, Melee Combat 14, Unarmed COmbat 15, Climbing 12

Dexterity 8 

Energy Weapons 10, Fire Combat 10, Heavy Weapons 10

Endurance 7

Resist Pain 9

Strength 8

Toughness 7

Intellect 8

Demolition 11, First Aid 9, Trick 10

Mind 9

Science: Electronics 9, Science: Mechanical 9

Confidence 7

Con 9, Faith (HLA doctrine) 12, Intimidation 10, Streetwise 10, Survival: Arctic 13

Charisma 7

Persuasion 8, Taunt 9


Furtherman blaster pistol

Synthleather Mesh

2 swords with monofilament blade


Alien ability – Emotionless (+1 to any con, gambling, or trick)

Cas is a very straight forward and serious individual.  He likes things to go the way he expects and if they don’t, someone usually pays dearly.  Some say he has a temper and liken it to a snow storm – cold and quiet.  He simply wants things done right – meaning his way.  Cas joined the HLA upon hearing the HLA doctrine, as dictated by a high priestess of the Hykosian order.  As a result of what he calls his own personal experience with the Hykosian spirit, Cas felt destined to be a member.  He is considered by the leading council of the HLA as a “knight” of the Hykosian Order.

Quinn “Spike” Alteresh

Team Recon Spec, human male, fringer, HLA member

Agility 10

Dodge 14, Maneuver 12, Melee Combat 13, Unarmed COmbat 13, Climbing 11, Stealth 14

Dexterity 8 

Energy Weapons 11, Fire Combat 11, Heavy Weapons 10, Heavy Energy 10, Prestidigitation: Pick Pocketing 12, Prestidigitation: Conceal Items 12

Endurance 8

Strength 11

Toughness 9

Intellect 7

Camouflage 11, Demolitions 10, First Aid 9, Trick 9, Perception 12, Tracking 11

Mind 7

Science: Weapons smithing (fire) 11

Confidence 8

Con 9, Interrogation 9, Faith (HLA doctrine) 12, Survival: Arctic 10

Charisma 7

Persuasion 9, Taunt 8


Taril Assault Carbine

Wolf Arms Fury Last Pistol

Ion Dagger with monofilament blade.

Electro Shurikens (20)

Synthleather armor

Neural Jack

NW Intradermal Plate

Sheath (Ion Dagger)

Sheath (Electro Shurikens)

Electric Claws

Synthflesh cover cybernetics


Alien Ability – Silence (can not be used if the PC has any shock damage)

SPike works for the highest bidder and shows faith to the HLA because they pay well.  The “true meaning” of the Hylosian Way has not “touched” him.  He is also a compulsive liar.  He used to work for Brodie until they left the planet.  He switched sides, offering his skills to the HLA.  However, recently, he has been feeling some guilt about it and looking for a way out.

Korsodel “Buttons” Nimak

Kabashi female, Team Tech Spec, Bolter, HLA member

Agility 9

Dodge 12, Maneuver 11, Melee Combat 10, Unarmed Combat 10, Stealth 12

Dexterity 9

Energy Weapons 12, Fire Combat 12

Endurance 7

Strength 7

Toughness 7

Intellect 10

Computer Ops 14, Cyberdeck Ops 14, Camouflage 11, Demolitions 11, Trick 12, Psionic Manipulation 14

Mind 10

Computer Tech 13, Cybertech 13, Science: Starship Engineering 12, Psionic Resistance 13

Confidence 7

Faith (HLA doctrine) 12, Intimidation 8, Interrogation 10, Survival: Arctic 11

Charisma 8

Persuasion 10, Charm: Seduction 11


Brodie LX4 Blaster Rifle with Ionic Bayonet.

Plastovar Armor

NW Synthmuscle

NW Intradermal

Neural Jack



Alien Abilities: Psionic Power: Computer Empathy 18.  Mind Probe 18


Borgori “Slim” Moro

Redna male, Team Sniper, Merc Warrior

Agility 9

Dodge 12, Maneuver 11, Melee Combat 13, Unarmed Combat 14, Climbing 12, Acrobatics 12

Dexterity 7

Energy Weapons 13, Fire Combat 12, Gunnery 12, Heavy Energy 11, Heavy Weapons 11, Thrown Weapons 9

Endurance 11

Resist Pain 14, Resist Shock 15

Strength 9

Toughness 10

Intellect 6

Camouflage 7, Demolitions 8, Trick 8, Perception 9

Mind 7

Confidence 8

Faith (HLA doctrine) 12, Intimidation 8, Interrogation 10, Survival: Arctic 12, Streetwise 9

Charisma 6


Brodie LX5 Blaster Rifle


Brodie Cyberskeleton

NW Synthmuscle

Alien Ability – Regeneration, Scaly thick skin, heightened small.