Holiday Vacation Report

Holiday Vacation Report

Well, the 2006 holiday season has come and gone. This year we went up to New Jersey to my parents and had a great time with the family. I only got grumpy at the end, when I was packing.

The trip was long, Taylor was good on the way up but not so good on the way down. We stopped on the way down to catch the second half of the Cotton Bowl (Auburn vs. Nevada) in an Applebees so that might had something to do with Taylor’s mood.

Christmas was good to all of us. Of course, Taylor made out like a bandit, but that’s always good. We don’t even have the room for most of the stuff they bought her.

In the end, my gifts told me I am becoming more and more like my dad although seeing the changes he made to the house recently, i can promise you I will never have his skill.

There was a little drama this weekend, but that’s to be expected with our family. It’s only made worse because my sister is pregnant.

My 2006 in review is bring worked on and will be posted in my <a href=””>Wordpress blog</a>.

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