Physical Description


Hol’taerran or “holies” as the humans call them, are thin, gaunt humanoid creatures, with large heads, a extended snout and thin slanted, blue-tinted eyes. They have four long digits on both the hands and feet. They appear faintly mammalian, with colored patterns along their skin.

Hol’taerrans can not communicate with out their Schara’Ta or Soul-Crystal. They in fact can see, hear or interact with non-Hol’taerrans in anyway without their crystal. Some more adventurous have these crystals implanted, while others carry them.

Average Size: 2.4 m
Average Mass: 65 kg
Average Life-span: 290 years
Reproduction: heterosexual, viviparous
Body Temp: 33 C

Historical Detail

The Hol’taerrans are a peaceful race only recently contacted by the Frontier. They apparently have a small stellar empire just outside of the Yazirian sector of the Frontier. They have kept a quiet and peaceful existence for many centuries, watching and waiting for the opportunity to meet other sentients.

When they were first contacted, they seemed semi-sentient and non-communicative. However, as the contact team discovered, this was not the case. In fact, they simply had lost the ability to communicate with other sentients all together.

This inability to interact stems from the species’ history with psionics and the advancement of related sciences. Their history is a perfect example of psionic sciences gone bad. It starts in far corner of space long forgotten, long before the Tetrarch Societies.

Their species went through a period of psionic awakening like no other species. Some attribute it to the existence of psionically active crystals on their world. This period accelerated with their experimentation into genetic engineering and psionics. This experimentation lead to a reliance on psionic senses over normal physical senses. Their advanced genetic engineering forced a rapid evolution in their species, in which they lost the use of their normal physical senses. This of course happened over several centuries.

During this time, the Hol’taerran knowledge of psionic skill was unsurpassed, and their psionic technology was equally as amazing. 95% of their population eventually was psionic. Non-psionics were enslaved. The Hol’taerran psionics, at one time, had a immense stellar empire, spanning area of space long forgotten. But something happened, not even the Hol’taerrans discuss that caused their collapse. It’s is unclear whether they have simply forgotten that part of their history or are hiding it.

Now Hol’taerrans seem to be in search of something. They form large groups which migrate often, en mass, from one world to another, every decade or so, depending on the group or T’charan’da (Clan – see Social Structure below). No one knows what exactly they are searching for, but some guess lost technology from their empire, perhaps to reawaken it. The Alliance Militaries both keep a watchful eye on the Hol’taerrans.


Hol’taerrans have normal senses at all levels. However, they rarely utilize them when their psionics can be used instead.

Speech and Languages

Hol’taerrans use their Soul-Srstal to communicate. This Crystal has the ability to translate psionic thought to vocal patterns, through vibrations of it’s crystalline structure. The voice is usually high pitched and very “angellic”. The Crystal can speak any language.

It became necessary to use the crystal when Hol’taerrans began collapsing from exhaustion after using telepathy for extended periods of time, with other sentients. They say that it is extremely taxing to over-come many of the mental barriers that other sentients have to use their type of telepathy.

They have no known common language. They normally speak in thought when in groups.


Hol’taerrans are not a trusted race. Most suspect of deeper motivation than simply exploration. Some believe, no single race amasses a huge empire in order for it to fall apart, and never try to get back to the days of glory. They also condone slavery of their own kind (non-Psi talented), which is frowned upon in most other sectors of Allied space.

Hol’taerrans see other species as inferior because of their lack of psi-talented members. They are intrigued with other sentients that do have some Psi ability. They have been rumored to actually kidnap or abduct psi-talented beings from other species.

Most species do not trust the Hol’taerrans totally. However, their power in the mentalist psi abilities have kept them as a useful addition to Allied Space society. They are some of the best Psi trainers and have established several training facilities in Frontier space.

One of the more prominent rumors about this species is related to the Soul Crystal itself. Only the Holies themselves know where they come from. Many suspect that they have more power than just their apparent abilities. Some believe that the Crystals act as a enhancer to their Psi abilities pertaining to persuasion and manipulation of other’s emotions. This, of coursem is simply a rumor, with no foundation in fact.

Social Structure and Standards

The Holie society is a caste system, based on Psi ability. There are several dozen layers of their caste system, several Castes and SubCastes for each layer. All the Castes are based on Psi Ability and how strong one is.

Some Hol’taerrans travel in large groups like nomads, periodically. No one knows when they will migrate or where. These groups are called their T’charan’da.Being a member of a T’charan’da usually is a high honor, and is more meaningful than the Yazirian or Saurian clans. Members are treated with respect, like Nobility. T’charan’da Wars are not uncommon, and no non-enlightened, non-Psi wants to be anywhere near one of those when they break out. If one id not a member of a T’charan’da, then you are a commoner. T’charan’da are also broken up into Castes.

Racial Abilities

Psionic Bonus: Hol’taerrans, of course, automatically are enlightened, and can choose any 3 of the basic Mentalist power of their choice for free. Along with this, they automatically get Telepathy at +X.

Soul-Crystal: This is a Optional aspect of the Hol’taerrans. The GM can decide what the exact powers of the Crystals have. A Holie PC can work with GM to come up with this.

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