Hykosians, Reboot

Hykosians, Reboot

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I expanded on this years ago but since then, I have had many new influences inspire me to re-address them.  One in particular is Alternity Star*Drive setting.  The Armagons sound like an External race from Star*Drive,  so I am going to use that as influence into my reboot of the Hykosians and Shatterzone.

The original Hykosians or proto-Hykosians were an ancient peaceful race with a small section of space to call their own.  They had a formidable presence in their small region of space, but were not overly aggressive.  However, they were seen as a threat buy the dominant elder race known now as the Armagons.  Why?  Because they were one of the most psychically talented races they had ever encountered.

After conquering the proto-Hykosians, the Armagons sought to harness their psychically ability to their advantage.  Using their advanced bio-technology and genetic engineering, they retooled and redesigned the proto-Hykosians to what is now known as the current version of a Hykosian.  On the outside, they are a black organically grown carapace, constructed from a strange substance some say is derived from Dark Matter itself.  They stand 10 feet tall and have a roughly humanoid form.  After hundreds of generations of this kind of bio-tech manipulation, the Hykosian organics became indistinguishable from bio-tech armor they Armagons grew them in.  Their psychic ability is focused through this armor and allows them to morph whatever weapon they need through it, power and energized by their psychic ability.

After thousands of millennia in servitude with the Armagons. the Hykosians are the primary shocktroop of their army.  Manipulating their armor to their psychic will, they are the most effect and diverse soldier in their army.  They have one flaw, however.  The Shatterzone.

The ‘Zone is poisonous to the Hykosian carapace as well as the organics underneath.  The swirling waves of primordial energies causes a molecular break down of their being.  No matter how much they are shielded, a Hykosian can not pass through the ‘Zone.  So they have developed a system to transmit their essence to others, through Hykosian Essence Spheres.  Using technology similar to their armored suits, these devices have bio-tech cores surrounded by harden metallic bio-tech shell.  Unlike the Hykosians, the organics and the shell are not vulnerable to the ‘Zone.

Hykosian scouts are then psychically connected to these Spheres which are launched into and beyond the ‘Zone.  The spheres are about the size of a basketball and self-autonomous enough to travel and transmit psychic data to its linked scout.  It can levitate in gravity as if to ignore it completely and is invulnerable to extreme changes in pressure and temperature.


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