Jaqueline “Jack” Badlander, Rebel agent

Jaqueline “Jack” Badlander, Rebel agent

Human female

She is a strong underground insider, and knew about Khitan’s plans with the “Lovely Angels” and the Imperials.  She has decided to use this opportunity to accomplish her objectives covertly.   When the PCs ship was disassembled, she arranged for part of the ship to be sold to the Pirates of Prexiar.  This would motivate the players to help her take out the pirates and retrieve what she needs from them.

Jack has a small group of helpers – Jawa/Ewoke-like creatures – alien gray-like beings – heavily cybernetically enhanced.  They are her scavengers and riggers; hackers and engineers.  They wear black cloaks to cover their cyber and often are mistaken for Jawas.


Jack’s ship is called the Bad Lander


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