3 – Jedi Knight Attributes, Honor and More

3 – Jedi Knight Attributes, Honor and More

Force Level

Force Level is the pool of points used for Castings. Most Castings require Force Level, although some require Lifeforce, as well. A Jedi’s Force Level is –

LF/2 + [(INT+LOG+STA+RS)/30](ru)

Force Level is restored 5 points per Jedi Level, for every 10 hours of rest or sleep. If the Jedi reduces his Force Level to less than half its original amount, he must rest 15 hours. If the Force Level reaches zero, the Jedi will go into a comatose state for the same amount of hours equal to his original Force Level.

Force Points

Force Points are acquired through successful use of Castings. Force points can be used to buy new Casting Powers, or raise the Jedi’s Lifeforce. They cannot be used towards Force Level, or Character ‘s Ability scores except INT/LOG.

Each Casting power requires it’s own Force Points Cost to use (see Table below). Each Casting also rewards it’s own amount of Force Points.

Stirs in the Force 

The GM is encouraged to use the Stirs in the Force as he sees fit. There is no solid rule on the range or the intensity of the stir. Here are a few factors that would cause a stir: Climactic Event (destruction of a planet); Something effects the Jedi’s destiny; A Jedi of opposite side is near (near is judged by the GM).

It’s recommended that the GM use INT as the basis of the Jedi’s Stirs, if a roll is necessary.

Honor Level

Honor Level is the measure of a Jedi’s Honor with respect to the Force. It measures the side at which the Jedi is on – Dark or Light. A Jedi’s honor fluctuates from Level to Level, until he reaches the highest or lowest Levels. The highest Level is Elder, and there is nothing an Elder can do wrong in the “eyes” of the Force (although most Elder are strongly tied to the Force, and are almost compelled to do no wrong). The lowest is Level is Dragonstar, and there is nothing a Dargonstar can do right. Either extreme neither gain or lose Honor Points, except in extreme cases (GMs Discretion)

Below the Elders are their Lieutenantsof the Light, the Stellar Jedi. They are charged with protecting the secrets of the Elders, even though no single Stellar knows all the Elders. They are granted great power as the Elder’s enforcers, and sheriffs. Below the DragonStar are the Dark Lieutenants or Evil Dukes of the Dark Side – the Blackstar Jedi. They are the assassins, and the strong arm of the Dragonstar and the Stellar’s opposite.

Stellar Jedi command over a group of Warriors known as the Astral Jedi. They are numerous higher level Jedi that have earned their way to the upper levels of Light side honor and are entrusted with some of the responsibilities of the Jedi secret society and the war against the Dark Side. They are gallant high level Knights who head up groups of Jedi into missions, and command whole armies loyal to the Light Side Jedi way.

Opposite the Astral, is the Dwarfstar Jedi, the evil disciples of the Blackstar. They operate much in the same way as the Astral, for the Dark side Dwarfstar is the highest level Dark Side Honor Level that have a chance of being turned back to light, however, there is a price. This is explained later.

Below Astral are the newly initiated Knights and young ambitious Jedi that adventure for the glory of the Light side. They are many who fight the good fight in the trenches of the War against the Dark Side. Their Dark Side opposite is the Twilight Jedi, ones who have just started a path to the Dark Side but still has a chance of being turned. They are apprentice Dark Side Jedi, just starting out learning the true power of the Dark Side.

The Initiate is the beginning Jedi and where all new Jedi start out at.

Below is a table the describes each level of Honor Level:

Honor Level Honor Points Notes
Elder 90 Usually Master or very glorious Knights. Do no wrong, compelled to do right by the Force.
Stellar 45 Lieutenants to the Elders. Susceptible to the Dark Side, but not nearly as much. Half Honor Point Penalties (round up)
Astral 25 “Officers” in the Light Jedi Army against the Dark Side
Galactic 10 Apprentices in the Knowledge of the Light Side Society. The Warriors and adventurers. The First contact new Jedi’s have to the Jedi way.
Initiate 0 Starting Jedi
Twilight -10 A touch of Dark has tempted this Jedi. Can be returned to Light without penalty.
Dwarfstar -20 Darker servant, much harder to return from this Level. Jedi looses 4d10 LF when he returns to Initiate Level. He may face punishment from his Master or the Elders.
Blackstar -40 Point of no return. The Jedi has turned Dark and only a Conversion Casting can turn him.
Dragonstar -70 Evil Master of the Dark Side. The Dark Side has revealed all it’s secrets to this Jedi and any Honor Points gained or lost are ignored at this point.

Honor Points Table

These are just examples of actions the Jedi can take to receive a Honor bonus or loss.

Action Gain/Loss
Failure in a Casting -1
Success in a Casting +2
Failure in Combat -1
Success in Combat +1
Senseless Killing -4
Break non-Jedi Law -2
Break Jedi Code -4
Make a bad decision in which someone innocent dies -4
Sacrifice a unwilling friend -4
Use a Casting without need -2
Befriend a Light Side Jedi +3
Befriend a Dark Side Jedi -1
Befriend a non-Jedi +1
Kill a Dark Side Jedi +3
Turn a Dark Side Jedi +5
See wrong and not act -5
Use of a non-deadly casting when a deadly casting would have been easier +3
Use of a deadly Casting when a deadly casting would have worked just as well -3

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