Jericho Juandaastas

Jericho Juandaastas

Jericho was an explorer with his wife, before he settled into the doldrums of house service.  In fact many were surprised that he chose to settle into house service after his many years of exploration.  He and his wife sought adventure whereever it lead them, partnering up with many from other reaches of the known worlds.  It is said that he was lead to some places, in search of something.  Perhaps he found it, they said, and did not like what he found.

One family secret that is not well known is that prior to their first born, it was diagnosed that the two of them could not have children.  The reason given was that there was too much genetic manipulation in their families’ past and without further manipulation, the two of them could not bare children together.  Apparently, there was some considerable mixing of Ur-Obun and Humans in their lines to the point that the two genetic lines became hopelessly incompatible.

Jericho’s last exploration trip is also a very closely guarded secret and can only be found in his personal journals, which he keeps close to him.  Only at his death, were these revealed to his family.

His last exploration took him Bannokburn.  His journals indicate that all his exploring was leading up to this trip.  He made no indication that it was his last trip as an explorer but it was a last trip on a long journey that dates back to when he was a child.  He apparently had hopes of exploring beyond Bannokburn, however and perhaps finding another journey to follow.  But this is quite clearly his last trip and one would get the feeling from his journals that something happened on Bannokburn that made him quit exploring.

All through out his journals, he says that he is searching for something – an answser to a question.  It apparently was some kind of Anunnaki relic or ruin.  He says the Runes had led him to it and its secrets await him.  His journey apparently started when he was very young when he visited a Nowhere, where you visited the Gargoyle there.

His journey apparently ended 40+ years ago, on Bannokburn, on a place he called the Crescent Lake Island.  This is apparently a name he gave it because there is no “Crescent Lake Island” listed in any maps of Bannokburn.  There he found something that he does not describe except that he calls it the Monolith.  There are sections of his journal that are ripped out after they were written, apparently by him, leaving many details out of the island and the Monolith.

After his visit to Bannokburn, he says less than week later, his wife is pregnant.  He is overjoyed but is concerned about the conception.  He does not entirely believe it is his.  But he takes it as a gift from the Pancreator.

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