Jericho’s liberal bias – the radical right wing is the bigger threat!

Jericho’s liberal bias – the radical right wing is the bigger threat!

Jericho, the TV series of post apocalyptic intrigue, finally revealed its true colors. Don`t get me wrong, I still think it is a good show, but its bias has tainted the show.

Now the big bad guys are a group of home-grown terrorists who want to re-write American history and blame Iran and Korea for the attack. Who does that sound like? Hmmmmm, could it be the liberal version of SATAN… the right wing!

Of course it is. There could not possibly be a left wing group that would start a revolution by nuking 23 cities and taking over the midwest and left coast all in a year.

One problem I have with this… I think a right wing group would nuke more left coast cities than East Coast cities. I know they did some, but I think most of California would be nuclear slag (and probably under the ocean because of the earthquakes that would be triggered). And if that would happen, I am not sure I would shed a tear.

So even when the lefties want to make us look like we`re worse than terroists, they can not bring themselves to even fictitiously nuke their Mecca.

And of course, they pull this when they want to kill the show anyway. it is as if they wanted to get one last little jab at the fans who brought the show back.


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