Jov’R Myardak, Yazirian Warrior

Jov’R Myardak, Yazirian Warrior

Born into a Yazirian Clan of dynamic culture – a culture marked by rapid growth, development and expansion. New lands were being claimed by this clan all over her home-world and technology was advanced and abundant, often progressing a full Tech Level within a generation or less. However, the fast growth has been known to outpaces the ethical application. In her clans, case, the thirst to out-do the competition lead to considerable inter-clan tension and in-fighting.

[Gameplay Benefits: {1d6}. On a result of 3-5, select one Neutral trait. On a result of 6, select {1d3} Neutral personality traits and one trait Darkside Trait. ]

However, her family was relatively poor comparatively to others within the clan. They were in service to a crime family within the clan.  They served as and lead a gang of rural bandits who prey on the nearby countryside.

Jov’R was born third of tiplets, however others died at birth, on Yazi, the Yazirian homeworld.  They region was equatorial and in the more swampy and jungle region of the planet.  However, Jov’R has since found out that the people she thought were her parents actually kidnapped her from his real parents. The person that Jov’R thought was her father had one administrator for the patron family full time, while he secretly served as a martial arts assassin when needed. Jov’R’s mother figure was also an administrator and business handler for the patron family, while secretly serving as a thief and bandit on the side.

It was during her childhood that an upheaval occurred that forced her family to change locations and end up in service to another family a crime family.   Early on, her family enrolled her into the patron’s military academy, which eventually lead to Jov’R’s role as an enforcer within the clan.  She served in the planetary  Space Navy as a general crewman and developed a strong combat sense.  She excelled at Null-G combat.

Early on, Jov’R and male Yazirian named Ko’th, sparred often in squad Null-G competitions.  Over the years, it grew intense to the point that Ko’th hated Jov’R, and went out of his way to foil her. This grew unhealthy over time, and Ko’th was demoted and reassigned to a different location. However, he seeks revenge against Jov’R.

It was also during this time that Jov’R befriended an old Yazirian spacer who told grand tales of adventure and daring do.  he also revealed that he knew her real parents.   However, when prodded more about the information, all he could say is that that family is a cursed and she should stay way from them.  Jov’R begged to know more information and the old spacer said that they next time she sees him, he will have more information on her family.  That was the last time she saw him.

Her obsession with her true family grew so strong that it interfered with her service.   She ended her term with the clan military to focus full time on hunting her true family down.  However, the family she grew up with – the fake family- shunned her and in fact is now actively trying to stop her progress from finding her family.

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    After taking the prisoners to the river-dock village and the Zethra ship, Jov’R parted ways with the Candorsian, saying she needed to follow her own path. Her memory was beginning to return and she was not eager to reveal some of them to these new-comers.
    She remembered the drug operations and the inhumane ways they were getting the drugs – drawing it from alien prisoner blood (both Kurabanda and Ul-Mor). This did not sit well with her conscious and she sought to free as many of these poor creatures as she could. This is not way she joined up with the Star Devils so many years ago. Already wanted on Pale and New Pale for petty crimes, she did not want to be involved in genocide of an entire species.

    However, she believes she uncovered a darker and more sinister plot behind the drugs. This part of her memory still remains a little fuzzy but she does remember meeting the one they called Diablo. She knew he discovered her little plot to free the creature but no one ever met Diablo and lived to tell about it. The one thing she remembers was that although human in features, he was definitely not human.