Just how many games are we going to throw away?

Just how many games are we going to throw away?

Panthers 24, Eagles 27

This is getting stupid. Jake, you are having a bad year. I know you are a better QB than you are showing now.

The Panthers are like my fantasy team. I thought I had some good players. I really thought I would be competitive. But no, I immediately was disappointed and could no recover fast enough. Panthers are similar. They have great players, great potential… but are not tapping it in anyway. The O-Line needs improvement. Jake is good but he’s no Manning or Aikman. He needs a good line to protect him most of the time. He does nto throw well under pressure. And our recievers need to catch the ball!

What happened to our defense. They show up when we need them, but theyw ere so dominating in some games. They were not last night and last week against the Redskins.

Very disappointing year overall.

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