Kaiya Adrimetrum

Kaiya Adrimetrum

Human New Republic Commander, played by Chris F.

Kaiya Adrimetrum is first officer aboard the FarStar. She is a strong-willed and intense woman who has been molded by events beyond her control; she expects more of the same aboard the FarStar.

After the Mission was over

Retired from the New Republic Military and ran and won a seat in the Republic Senate. Became a powerful advocate against the Imperial warlords, and their reign.

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  1. To: Captain Adrimetrum
    From: Kal’Shebbol New Republic Provisional Government – Intel Division, General Crix Madine
    Subject: Deep Operative Rojer 621 “Tigress”

    Captain, this information to follow is of the utmost secrecy, and should not be revealed to anyone on board the Farstar.
    In your last report, it indicated you were heading to a world called Shintel. This is a world of particular interest to the New Republic. It was the last known location of an NR Intel agent known as Rojer 621, The Tigress. This agent infiltrated Sarne’s organization years ago. The Rebel Alliance at the time received much information on Sarne and his activities through this sector and neighboring sectors. Up until a point, her information was about 80% reliable. A little over 2 years ago, we lost contact with her. She simply disappeared. Then recently, we have been receiving more reports from her. These reports have proven to be about 60% accurate. Finally, she has disappeared once again.

    Upon reaching Shintel, among other things, try to find out what happened to her. We are unaware of anything of importance on Shintel. It’s a barren swamp world from all records we have. You should be able to detect a ship somewhere the surface if she crashed. She might have left a clue too her whereabouts.

    Follow up on anything she might have left behind, of it seems mission critical Any data she might have left behind about Sarne’s operations might be important, even if she has been turned into a double agent.

    Again, I can not stress to you enough the importance of secrecy about this matter. Communicate to me any questions you might have on standard encrypted channel.

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