Adventure: [K’dasi] Tournaments

Adventure: [K’dasi] Tournaments

At one point, the alien species that is currently called K’Dasi (formerly something else I have been asked to stop mentioning by name) drew a lot of attention and fun from my players.  They were jokesters and practical jokers and general trouble makers.  Many members of my playing group thought it would be fun to host a [K’dasi] tournament. Here are some of the ideas I  used for such a tournament.

 Fix the Green Planet


Because of the Grand Litter Cult – a highly militant and radicalized terrorist group, the main continent on [PLANET] is under martial law.  The terrorist group central goal is to depopulate the planet of all sentient non-native (colonist) life.

The PCs Mission: To negotiate with the group and work with them to move to another planet.  Those that are familiar with the group will know that the Grand Litter group has never been known to be this militant.

The PCs are to spend a few days on the planet to experience the rough life in the most active city. Because the terrorist group is made up of [K’dasi] radicals, the local authorities are very discriminatory against [K’dasi].  The city is very dangerous at night, especially for [K’dasi]. It is a virtual warzone. During there time there, there should be plenty of time for “thrills.”


When the PCs attempt the negotiations with the terrorist leaders, they will not budge and deal.


Further investigation will learn that a small cult of mentalists [lead by Modli’an] are manipulating the terrorist group, using a mental power boosting drug.  This drug was obtained from a Kzin who happened to be dishonored and banished.  This Kzin saw an opportunity to perhaps earn his honor back through the mentalist cult and the terrorists

The Kzin’s plans are to ensure the continent is depopulated one way or another, kill the cult and the terrorists and prepare the planet as a new point of invasion for the Kzin Empire.

Amusement Park

The [K’dasi] team has been invited to a special amusement park called the Miril Amusement Park.  It is a specially designed park for [K’dasi] and theya re asked to test out the rides and challenged to “Survive” the park.

The park is on an island on [PLANET].  It is designed by a Yazirian who has a deep loathing for the [K’dasi].  With some help from a mysterious alien, the Yazirian has constructed the perfect method to execute as many [K’dasi] as he can without blame falling to him.  Anyone entering signs off their rights to sew for the thrill and he knows the [K’dasi] will not pass up a chance for a thrill.

This mysterious alien, resident in the underground caverns of the island, feeds off of the psychic energies of dying while at the highest peaks of adrenaline rush. The psychic energies resulting from fear of one’s life is like a drug to this alien.