Physical Description

The K’Dasi evolved from a felinoid species, on their homeworld of K’Das. They appear as humanoid felines, shorter than the average human, and can vary in fur color, from pure whites or gray, to stripes, to patches. They also have tails that are usually about 1/2 to 2/3 the length of their body. They are similar in appearance to old Earth domestic felines, even in attitude. Some say they descended from the same feline species of the Child Races as the Halogai’, however, the Halogai’ Sovereignty refuses to admit this. They are bipedal, but can run faster on all fours if necessary. They are also quite agile.

Average Size: 1.2 m

Average Mass: 75 kg

Average Life-span: 165 yr.

Reproduction: Heterosexual, viviparous

Body Temp: 39 degrees C
(* Because of the K’Dasi’s small size, they cannot use any weapons larger than Short Rifle unless mounted in some way (vehicle or tripod))

Historical Details

The K’Dasi’s homeworld has a gravity of 1.21 times Standard Gravity, and atmospherically is human normal. It is typically cooler than human standard, with a longer winter period, and a shorter summer period. The planet’s year is 405 days long.

K’Dasi became a member species of the Dominion of Sovereignties during the late years of the Sovereignties Expansion, during the First Uprisings. It was the appearance of these species that started the uprising and strong anti-Big Four sentiments. During this time, both the Candronian and the Torani both tried to subjugate the K’Dasi, seeing them as a barbaric lesser species not worthy of acceptance to the Dominion. However, the K’Dasi, through their incredible talents of cunning and deception, were able to fend off all attempts at subjugation. As a result of sponsorship from their Skaniis allies, they were accepted as first a client species to the Skaniis, and then later accepted as a Sovereignty, early in the years of the first Prosperous Times.

Throughout their history, the K’Dasi’s social development can be best described as the same as their day to day attitude – laid back. They detest making things complicated, so their governmental system was always simple. They have a finesse for avoiding bureaucracy. For all outward appearances, however, it seems like chaos and anarchy.

On there homeworld and on all their colony worlds, there is a Council of Elders, which advises each family or clan. Each “ruling” clan has members of the Elder Council. Only the most powerful clans have members, and the membership of the Council fluctuates on a regular basis. From the outside, it seems like total anarchy, but in reality it has worked for many thousands of years.


The K’Dasi have an incredible sense of hearing. They can hear twice as well as any human. They are usually the first to hear anything in the group.

Speech and Languages

The K’Dasi speak Pan-Gal common with slight difficulty, but they are comprehendible. Languages common to their species have died out, and in fact, on the two hundred K’Dasi worlds there are over eighteen hundred mutually incomprehensible languages and over thirty thousand distinct dialects.


The K’Dasi attitude is best represented by the species’ hero image, the harlequin or prankster. They have a passion for physical pleasure and relaxation, and they respect a good sense of humor and a quick wit. They also respect a person of good character. They are the “rebellious teenager” species when it comes to government. As said, the despise complications, and prefer the simple way of doing things (even if it’s not the right way).

However, on the darker side of K’Dasi society, there are others that encourage the adherence to another hero image: the assassin. The K’Dasi are the best assassins in Allied Space. This following is kept extremely secret within the K’Dasi society. The secret assassin guild of the K’Dasi is called the Hissska, and they specialize in “mouse-trap” style booby-traps to kill their prey. About these contraptions, one would say “If it wasn’t so deadly, they’d actuialy be funny…”.

The K’Dasi are treated as the biggest pain in the @#$% in the universe, but they are tolerated in great degrees. They have no problems with most of the species in the F-R-D region, unless they seem “too serious”. In any serious situation, they always have a practical joke or a witty comment. Sometimes their practical jokes aren’t to bad, but at other times they can be considered overboard.

Social Structure and Standards

It is socially acceptable for a single K’Dasi to have many mates, and to even mate outside it’s clan. The K’Dasi tend towards a equi-polygamous society, where it is acceptable on both sexes are allowed multiple partners. Some K’Dasi might show preference to one mate or two for a long period of time, but in general, there is no social morals tying them to any particular mate. This balance between the sexes exists throughout the K’Dasi society. The resulting children usually align with the which ever clan is the most powerful between the father and the mother. However, the parent does not have an obligation to breed within either clan (avoiding the traditional inbreeding problem).

This clan system forms a similar structure to the Torani noble pack system. This is also another reason why there is such a strong rivalry between the two species. However, they view the Torani packs as too serious and too complicated.

The Torani-K’Dasi rivalry has lead to rumors about the K’Das Conglomerate (the name given to the K’Dasi sovereignty) being involved in certain rebellions started by Torani rebel packs, against the Torani government. However, this is only a rumor.

Common Names

Names should be heavy in vowels, and multi-syllabic.

Racial Abilities

Move Quietly– The K’Dasi can surprise anyone, including the Bengradi. With the proper roll, the K’Dasi can sneak so quietly, they can even surprise one of their own species. Free Skill: Stealth Level [1d3]

Climbing– The K’Dasi have a natural ability to climb. Instead of buying the skill, they roll on the ‘X’ column.

Claws– MAX DMG: 6+PS

Fur Armor: K’Dasi have 3 point of Fur Armor.


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