Kelphus Starian

Kelphus Starian


Space Transport Specialist & Bountey Hunter. Played by Matt Holmquist

Owner and Captain of the “Freeman’s Demise”. Honorary knight of Garadorn & Barnaba

“Who’s in trouble now? Fine, but there had better be some money involved.”

INITIAL PLOT HOOK: Starian was roped in through a series of unfortunate events. He and his ship, the “Freeman’s Demise” was stuck on Tallaan, caught in a bind with the docking authorities. His employer, Gugorra the Hutt, had left him high and dry in the spaceport with out docking fees. He needed to get a paying job to get him out. Lucky for him, an Ambassador and a local noble had need of transport into Mecetti space. He didn’t traditionally take on passengers, unless they were accompanying cargo or they were prisoners awaiting bounty collection, but since he had a need, and they had the cash, he made an exception.

NOT A REBEL FRIEND: At one time, Starian was involved with a growing rebellious cell of fighter pilots in the region (prior to the Rebel Alliance Treaty). When his daughter was kidnapped, things changed. In his attempts to get his daughter back, the rebels he was working with refused to help in. In his rage, he used his bounty hunter contacts and turned in a few of the rebels. The local rebel cells know of him and consider him a traitor. Since then, Starian has worked with the Empire, simply because the money was good.

PELLA HERO: While on Pella, Starian saved the life of the Themion Hejaran and foiled a dark plot hatched by Lady Brigta Hejaran, which earned him an honorary title of Knight with in Garadorn.

THE BOY & HIS DAUGHTER: Once he found out about the true nature of the Will of Hejaran, Starian felt compelled to find this lost boy. What he didn’t know was just how close it would bring him to his own child.

TALLAAN HERO: While on Tallaan, Starian became the hero again when he saved Lord Calamand from an assassination attempt and then lead the rescue attempt when JAN terrorists assaulted the Grand Ball and took hostages.

BAG’LAR AND THE BLACK SUN: Starian double-crossed Bag’lar years ago, and the self-proclaimed “Vigo” of the Black Sun hasn’t forgotten. However, new information acquired from Sorad indicates that “Baggie” has gone outside the Black Sun to make a little profit. While the Black Sun is struggling to regain footage in the Tapani region, Bag’lar used his resources to arrange a smuggling run of special “spice”, behind the backs of Hutts who already had established smuggling routes in the system. Bag’lar is in fact using smuggling route that belong Gugorra the Hutt. These routes are intended to be decoys for the real spice Gugorra was smuggling, but Bag’lar arranged for the real routes to be targeted by authorities while his special “spice” gets through. It is known who is supplying the special “spice” shipments.

THE FORGOTTEN MISTAKES: While searching for the Red Bacta, Starian and Drakka followed the path of Duke Norak-Von to an abandoned city platform where they expected to find a hidden smuggler stronghold. What they found was a trap. Hordes of mutated draconic creatures attacked them. Drakka escaped. Starian did not. He was captured and knocked out. Upon awakening, he realized that these creatures – some kind of mutated mistakes of some dark process – needed him to help them escape the city. There was a trap, but it wasn’t them. It was an explosive set to dispose of the “mistakes” and an equally pressing problem – Starian himself. Because of their mutations, they were unable to open a sealed door that would lead to the way out. Starian helped them escape, and they helped him try to return to his comrades. They vowed to all retun the favor when he needed them.

His return was interrupted by a group of mercs who were sent to sweep-up after the explosion. These mercs sold Starian to slavers. Fortunately (or unfortunately) someone else was keeping tabs on the slaveer underground also – Gugorra the Hutt. Gugorra later bought him out of slavery.

GUGORRA THE HUTT & BUSINESS: Gugorra holds his daughter hostage while Starian does his dirty work. The motivation behind this is unknown, but like many Hutts, few know his motivations. Some would just say that the Hutt likes to have a puppet he can control.


  • (daughter) – Conceived in an night of passion, she was raised by her mother with occasional visits from her father. When her mother died, he became responsible, but before he could claim her, Gugorra the Hutt’s cronies kidnapped her. Gugorra the Hutt held her as part of a deal with Starian, using it as his motivation to work for him and make the Hutt money.
  • Kierra Beyard (dead) – smuggler and con-artist. Died when a routine legal cargo transfer went wrong, destroying her ship. Kelphis has always harbored the notion that his wife’s death may have not been an accident.
  • Kena Beyard
  • Gugorra the Hutt
  • Kradan Bag’Lar – “Vigo” of the Black Sun. He developed a strong vendetta against Starian. After Starian’s daughter was captured, Gugorra forced Starian to turn over some of Bag’Lar’s more profitable routes and work exclusively for the Hutt. Information has recently arisen about Bag’Lar that might bring Starian some leverage against him.
  • Stl’eren Keeb (dead) – “Messenger” from Bag’Lar who wanted to “talk”. He apparently had some inside information that Starian would have been interested in. However, Keeb and his associates were killed on Port Bianco, Danju.
  • Lady Varin Arabella of Barnaba – Young Lady that hosted the Grand Ball on Tallaan. Considers Starian a hero for saving her and her guests from the JAN terrorists.
  • Lord Xenthos Calamand – Saved his life twice. Calamand trusts Starian and is a close contact for him.

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  1. What happens while they are away…

    Even before the dust from the shuttle launch settles, the House factions began to fight over the smallest of issues, pointing fingers, and allowing their philosphical differences get in the way of their goals. It wasn’t long before physical altercations started and things got out of hand. Small groups of each faction were already starting to leave.

    The Drakeresh meanwhile were getting nervous about something. Rumors had spread about something they had heard was on this planet – called the Slaresk. What you find out is that’s the race of the Dragonslayers on this world. Apparently, the prisoners have gotten the somewhat simple-minded Drakaresh worked up over these creatures, telling them stories about their hatred of dragons and especially the drakaresh. They are very skilled killers of drakaresh and dragons. The cohesion that existed between the mutated drakaresh was beginning to deteriorate.

    Fear and anger seemed to be almosts a palitable aura around the camp… almost an ethereal mist.

    That’s when the attack started…

    Flying from above were alien creatures with effective weapons you hadn’t seen before. They centered very precisely on the drakaresh. On the ground was an assault force of Basilisk soldiers and more of these alien creatures. People scattered in fear, and it wasn’t long before it was apparent the camp was going to be taken back. You had to abandon it depite the fact that Soldak was still held up in his cell. You had no time to do anything with him. You had to get out.

    You escaped with a few of the House Stanway resistance fighters and a few drakaresh to the hills. Enemy Patrols hunted down and captured most everyone else. The resistance fighters in your group helped you illude the patrols and got you to their underground encampement in the mountains. There they told you things were going well in orbit and the space station had been atacked along with the star destroyer docked with it. Both were destroyed.

    When you asked “what attacked them?” … they say they don’t know.

    But their sensors were able to pick up a shuttle leaving the scene of the deteriorating space station, but it too was attacked and now is crashing to the surface of the planet. Calculation say that they are heading towards the frozen third continent (where most of the resistance has set up HQs).

    You have to now get to their crash location before enemy forces to…

  2. What has Starian been up to?

    Lord Slavak and Baron Hejaran both explained to the group the situation with the Imperial observation posts along the border. The two nearest to Pelagia had to be shut down while the rest had to be distracted in order for the attack fleet to reach the Dark World in the Rimmas Nebula near the border of the Reena Providence.

    You knew that the only people that could help were people that you thought you would never talk to again. Rebels. However, since you left, they have now joined a larger group called the Rebel Alliance and may be more resceptive to anything you have to say. However, you aren’t sure how resceptive you are to what they had to say.

    You were able to fish out the following using the subspace communications on-board your ship –

    You former squadron (A Z-95 Headhunter group) has broken up due to internal strife. Apparently, the reasons you double-crossed them created division in the group. Those that were more sympathetic to your situation now have joined the Rebel Alliance, while those that you have a vendetta against (and visa-versa) have gone underground and some contacts say they have joined JAN.

    I am not sure exactly what the group will decide – either to use the Rebels or use JAN or both – but either way, you contacts and information are important.

    Both JAN and the Rebels of this sector were based out of the Free World region. Now with the Empire in control of that region, it’s unsure what either group has done.

    Rumors are that the Rebels are regrouping at a planet called Sheva in the former Free world region, close the border. It’s a mineral rich mining world with heavy gravity owned and controlled by a corporation called Hansen Mining Conglomerates. HMC has Rebel sympathies and some business directly with House Pelagia.

    One of those deals is a region of Sheva Pelagia pays HMC to leave alone. This information was very hard to come by and it seems impossible to find out why they want it left alone.

    JAN has gone further underground and the rumor is they have secretly joined the ranks of the Rebels and are converting many within to become more aggressive in their tactics. Chances are, where you find Rebels, you find JAN.

    However, JAN is probably also seeking to sabotage the Rebel Alliance hold on anti-Imperial Cells here in the Tapani sector. So anything they can do to rid the region of Rebel Sympathies and gain sympathy from what remains is good for them. They are also very tired of the Rebels taking credit for their actions.

    Sheva is quite unpleasant. A volcanic world with poisonous atmosphere, there are only a few major “cities”. These cities are little more than thousands of cargo containers welded together and sealed up, with marginal life support and artificial gravity to fight the high-Gs of the world. (Picture a few dozen towns like the one in Aliens on LV426 except sealed and with artificial gravity in most areas).

    If the Rebels are on Sheva, they will be VERY hard to find.

    You also are aware of a bounty hunter named Stram Thoronard, who has been hired by the Imperial Moff of Tapani to find any and all Rebels. Thoronard is ruthless and cunning. You know him and have crossed paths with him. Last your contact heard, he was heading to Sheva.

    Also, The Corporate “government” of Sheva turns a blind eye to the large smuggler and criminal element that tends to frequent their little towns. There are many freelance as well as Caadrian-sponsored smugglers that pass-through and sometime stay an extended period of time on Sheva, simply because it is such an unlikely and unpleasant spot for people to stay. Of course, HMC gets kick-backs, fees and preferential treatment by the underground as a result.

  3. Last Session:

    The decision was made based on information gathered from several sources that an infiltration assault had to be made on the space station orbitting the planet (Nocturn Station). According to what they have been able to find, the High Council of Camille was located on the station being held by the other Soldak brother Del – the Basilisk invader force leader. Slavak, seeing himself no as the ultimate uniter, plans to unite the council and unite the noble houses on this world to end this war. Greydrake, Drakka, and Din’alt all get on board the shuttle with a small assault force of soldiers, mutated-drakaresh and computer hackers – all disguised somehow – to go to the station.

    Starian was left behind at the Concentration camp, in the middle of occupied territory with Camillites from House Stanway (researchers & scouts) and House Hanara (Warriors and weaponsmiths), the thousands of survivors from Tor’Lah, the remaining Drakaresh (which is most of them), and a handful of prisoners including Zel Soldak, a few Immortal Inquisitors (hunter of Camillite immortals), and a few surviving camp guards.

    Tensions between the two house factions are mounting and you are not sure how long this little peace is going to last.

    Your assignment was to make sure Soldak stays drugged and out of it.

    More to come…

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