Khitan & Khitan’s Axe

Khitan & Khitan’s Axe

AKA Ketan, Human Leader of Khitan’s Axe, a crime organization/mercenary group

Crime lord hired by a coalition of forces that wanted the Dirty Pair “out of picture”. He had no idea what this endeavor would cost him. His attempts to kill or capture the Pair have met with failure, and now he has fallen from the graces of many important allies. It is times like these that a man like Khitan must re-think is allegiances.


Khitan’s Story

It started on a backwater volcanic colony world in the Outer Rim, where Khitan was born in a dynamic society that didn’t take care for its less- than-fortunate very well.  Khitan’s parents were a couple of those who were less-than-fortunate, his father was jobless and his mother a drunkard.  Already with 4 children, his mother was pregnant with Khitan and his twin sister, Khitara.  At their birth, the area was swept by a viscous radiation storm and the hospital was struck by an unexpected eruption of strange alien toxic gases, and it engulfed the nursery.  They saved Khitan, but Khitara was effected badly by the gases.  The baby girl was admitted to a ward for special treatment of victims of the planets atmosphere, and was never seen again  Khitan later found out that she was turned to an insane psychopath that blames him for her “pain”.  She is now a prodigy of the Emperor’s special Dark Jedi force.  She has apparently developed some talent in the Force.  He also found out that his father has sworn to keep them separated.

At the young age of 5 standard years, his parents were forced to sell Khitan into patronage of the local crime lord.  He was sold to Kash Siard, a well known Weequay crime boss who took him on as a son he never had.  Khitan took on the skills like a fish to water.  He was taught to be Kash’s secret body guard, going with Kash everywhere he went.  No one would expected a little boy to be so lethal.  He was tutored in many fighting styles, and special weapons.  He became a very good body guard.  After 8 years of service, and learning quite a bit about the art of death and war, he ask to leave the patron service.  As a reward to the many time Khitan saved his life, Siard gave the young 13 year old a part of his empire, which had grown quite large in the shadows of the Empire.  The was given power men 3 times his age dream about.  But he knew to take advantage of it.  Khitan became obsessed with the power given to him.  He began to put forth plan to exact revenge on his former patron for the years of slavery.  His took control of the planet, and swiftly attacked Siard in every weak spot Siard had.  Khitan had learned quite a few of them while in service of Siard, and now was using then to betray the one who considered himself Khitan’s second father.  In one year, Siard’s organization was in ruins, and Khitan ruled what was left.  However, like most Black wars, this one did not go buy unnoticed by the Empire.  The fact that they called him the “little Emperor” didn’t help things either.

The Empire moved into Khitan’s sector the next year.  Before the Empire could completely destroy Khitan’s little empire, Khitan was able to strike a deal with the local Moff, using a substantial amount of credits.  However, Khitan never could rebuild his organization, and soon internal corruption took it the rest of its way to its demise.  Khitan was contacted by his estranged parents, who had apparently acquired enough money to build up a substantial amount of colony land on several planets.  They had a large piece of land as a peace offering to Khitan.  Khitan, realizing his kingdom long gone, wanted to find a place to hide and rethink his life’s plan.  At 14, Khitan had learned more about life, and death than anyone twice his age.

Abandoning all his former life, he grabbed the first ship he could find and left for his inherited land,  on an obscure world called Heterin IV.  Unfortunately, Khitan’s troubles followed him.  Siard’s cronies attacked Khitan’s ship, and forced his to rash land on an uncharted desert world controlled by extremely xenophobic alien society.  Upon landing, Khitan was captured and put in a work camp.  He escaped after 3 years, and finally made it to Heterin IV.  Heterin IV became the birth place of Khitan’s Axe, his latest venture into rebuilding his empire.

Khitan’s Axe

From Heterin IV, Khitan’s Axe is a moderately sized mercenary-trouble shooting tam of about 30 agents, spread across 3 or 4 sectors.  It has strong contacts in the Empire, however, the Rebellion has a price on any of Khitan’s Axemen.  Khitan has dealt with the great Jabba, as well as Boba Fett, and many others.  They are currently handling several accounts, and just have taken on a large account from a conglomerate of organizations, including the Corporate Sector Authority.  Get the Dirty Pair, dead or alive.