Kiron Jaddo

Kiron Jaddo

Infinity Limited

Centauri Trader from House Jaddo, formerly of Infinity Limited Merc group ( played by Chris Jarrett)

Jaddo representative on Quolok.

Player: Chris Jarrett

Centauri Trader

House Jaddo: House Jaddo is a merchant house. It is a strong opponent to Centauri expansionism. House Jaddo is also known to be the house that gained an exclusive trade agreement with the Humans in 2056.

Late in the second season (2259), it has built up many enemies, including Lord Refa. Refa was going to introduce a resolution before the Centaurum to declare House Jaddo traitorous. House Jaddo was forced to drastic measures. It’s leader, Urza forces Lando Mollari to kill him in order for his house to take over House Jaddo.

Background Notes: Mother was a sensitive/seer and he was always a disappointment to the family because he did not have the talent. He was given an artifact (a dead Drahk Keeper?).

The Collapse of House Jaddo: Through the first season, signs of the collapse of Jaddo will start bubbling up. The text implies this collapse was a long time coming, so it is way before the party formation. However, the consequences can start to bubble up as well as attempts to make things better by some of the nobles.

IDEA: Sometime ago, Kiron’s mother saw in a vision the Shadows manipulating the Centauri Republic to expand and war, leading it to its destruction. She along with other seers that saw the same vision, secretly started a movement against Centauri expansionism. She is eventually arrested and the anti-expansionist movement is exposed.

Pulling In Kiron:

  • His mother passes on something she has seen recently – some evidence that the “Ghosts” could be something the Centauri could use against the Shadows.
  • Urza’s brother contacts Kiron and asks for help. Acting on visions by Kiron’s mother and her group of seers, they have targeted certain Centauri officials for assassination or sanction in some way. They will work to frame some Centauri, kills others (possible link to the Thenta Makur.)

Kiron Game Log

Session I

Worked as bartender at ?? Bar.

Helped Roland find the subjects to be tested and hired.

Session II

(Chris J was out this session) Kiron fell unconscious and was left in the ship. He had a vision.

Session III

Vision: A mixture of Mollari’s vision of the fall of the Republic and a battle between a Wraith and a Shadow ship. Saw the effects and saw that other Shadows do not like an “infected ship”.

Saved a Llort – A surviving Llort pirate was handed over to the Llort ambassador.

Mother’s Vision: Got a message from his mother that she saw the same vision and that she is going to Urza Jaddo with that information. (A link to the Season II Episode “Knives”).

Session IV-V

Not present either session. He stayed on B5 and bar-tended. Acted as a resource for the Eye of the Shadow sub-campaign.

Session VI

IDEA: Kiron is asked to go to Quolok Station on behalf of his House, escorting a package. The package is a captured Narn (who happens to be a Thenta Makur but he does not know that). He is to be taken to the Centauri crime family, the Bregarri. (connect Kiron Jaddo)
Played a major role (see above) and used his intrigue to save “the package” (only to have Za’Roth kill him), getting the nuke to the Bregarri (only to have it destroyed by the Garnac)

He was told that one day, of all things go well for the house, this station could be his.

Session VII


Session VIII

Arrived at Koulani with his own search team. Got the others out just as the Vree were engaging the awakened Wraith. Aquired information to the whereabouts of the Eye – the actual location of Na’shuk

Session IX

Implanted the “coordinates” to Nu’Shok, he only has part of the map. The other portion of the map is in Za’roth’s head. Currently located on Quolok Station