With their unbridled aggression and ferocity, the klick have been the most commonly encounter external for Fleet.  At first, they were thought to be a left over Sathar war beast but the Fleet Marines soon learned they were much more than that.  Fortunately, the UPF and Fleet have only encountered the klicks in the distant reaches of the Vast Expanse.  There, the Fleet Marines have encountered entire hives on a single world dubbed Streshan F305-C.

Klicks resemble arachnids –  six multi-jointed legs  propel their wedge-shaped bodies. Each of these legs ends in wickedly pointed pincers. A klick’s wedge-shaped body measures about 2 meters long and about 1 meter thick at lis widest point. It’s covered with smooth, chitinous armor across its top and bottom. Only the creature’s bulbous sensory organs lie exposed. These organs cover a large globular mass that descends beneath the thinner, forward portion of its body. Two forelimbs reach out from beside these sensory organs. The pincers at the end 01 these limbs are more dexterous than those attached to the legs and can manipulate weapons or technology.

Fleet Marines dubbed these aliens klicks based on the disturbing sounds they make. The creatures produce a number of eerie and irritating clicking sounds that assault any being’s auditory system. When they scuttle along a hard surface, the klick pointed pincers rap against the floor. When agitated or excited, they tap the smaller branch of their pincers against the longer portion, creating an ominous melody. Many that have encountered these creatures deeply dread these sounds and some suffer several mental trauma from them. The klicks employ brutal but effective hit-and-run combat tactics. They favor ambushes and overwhelming numbers. Military analysts have suggested that klicks have a hive-mind social structure. like terrestrial insects, but Vrusk scientists discard the notion as unlikely.


Agility Smarts Spirit Strength Vigor
d8 d6 d4 d8 d6
Pace Parry Toughness
6 8 (3)


Athletics Common Knowledge Notice Persuasion Stealth
d6 d6 d6 d4 d4
Fighting d10, Shooting d8, Survival d8


Edges: –

Special Abilities

  • Bioweakness field: A klick can naturally produce a field of energy that causes all other non-klick brings to feel weak and drained. Any non-klick within a MBT of a Kilick must succeed on a Vigor check (-2 if adjacent)  every round before taking his or her actions; failure means that the target takes a Fatigued condition (a second means Exhausted). A  creature affected by overlapping klick bio-weakness fields does not make multiple saves.  Instead, each additional field after the first increases the adds an additional penalty of -2.
  • Low Light Vision: The being ignores penalties for Dim or Dark illumination (but not Pitch Darkness).
  • Natural Carapace Armor:


Black Laser weapons: Using the fluorescent gaseous form of dark matter, a black laser fires a beam of coherent light.  To human eyes. it appears to be a beam of purplish light bordering on ultraviolet but it is composed of radiation much more energetic and dangerous than ordinary laser energy.

Black Laser Pistol

Range: 20/40/80.  Damage: 4d8, AP 2

Black Laser SMG

Range: 30/60/120.  Damage: 6d8, AP 2

Black Laser Rifle

Range: 40/80/160.  Damage: 8d8, AP 2

My Notes

Obvious inspiration: Starship Trooper arachnids.