Kolcha Threeflies

Kolcha Threeflies

Species: Near human


Origin:Island of Christi, lost in the same cataclysm that took Atlantis

Strength *
Constitution *
Agility *
Intelligence *
Education *
Charisma *
Empathy *
Initiative *
Move *
Skill/Dam *
Hits *
Appear *

Documented Notes

Last of her kind, Kolcha (also known as Noy) hails from a lost island of Christi (calling herself a Christian before the meaning was changed at the time of Christ).  She is said to have preserved the genetic material of her people on her skin and thus she has not washed since that last one of her tribe died 20 years ago.  She smells horribly.  She does not touch anyone and rarely moves from where she stands.

Add-ins & Elaborations

She can easily be the subject of a campaign alone.  She is seeking a place of power that will resurrect her people from the cells she carries.  Who wants to stop her?  What is the story behind the destruction of Christi?  How does it relate to Atlantis?

Natural Weapons/Abilities

Human like

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

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