All contact with the Kroath species has ended in violence.  All attempts to locate a kroath origins have been unsuccessful. It is theorized that the kroath are actually multiple humanoid creatures all genetically manipulated and grown for battle.  Much the same way that Sathar select certain creatures and aliens for their war beasts, the I’Krl have manipulated multiple conquered races that are best suited for basic ground combat into the armored shell of a kroath.

Some reports place kroath soldiers alongside a n’sss battle groups, however, the connection between the two is unclear.  They use technology far beyond that of the Frontier.  Even the  true name of their species is unknown; Frontier researchers call them kroaths because of the odd croaking noises they make when they communicate with each other.  Kroaths move about encased in bulky armor that appears to be organically grown.  The armor obscures their true forms other than the humanoid shape. A typical specimen stands almost 7 feet tall, although this height may be attributable more to the armor than to the creature inside. Scientists
speculate that kroath armor serves as an environment suit.

The kroath were first encountered by a Pan-Gal exploration mission exploring uncharted systems in the Vast Expanse beyond the Greater Morass.  A raiding party of these alien soldiers attacked without provocation or reason.  This was followed by several attacks on Fleet outposts along the Vast Expanse Rim.  Most of the time, kroath engaged in raids that seem to be more a test of a target’s strength and defenses than an actual bid to conquer and destroy.

There have been two confirmed all-out attacks made by the kroath, however. Both of these resulted in the complete destruction of small outposts located in the Vast Expanse star systems of Masa B48A and Lora C56F (UPF Fleet systems).  One battle, the Victory at Crepheus 5 Alpha, resulted in the complete destruction on of a kroath raiding division – primarily due to the unexpected arrival of a Fleet battle cruiser on patrol in the area.


Agility Smarts Spirit Strength Vigor
d8 d10 d8 d8 d12
Pace Parry Toughness
6 6 13 (5)


Athletics Common Knowledge Notice Persuasion Stealth
d4 d4 d6 d4 d4
Battle d6, Fighting d8, Hacking d8, Science d8, Shooting d8


  • Dependency: A kroath is dependent on their armor.  With it, the kroath become Fatigued each day until Incapacitated.

Edges: —

Special Abilities

  • Bioorganic Armor: A kroath’s armor is an extension of its body. As such, it imposes no armor penalties of any kind, despite its apparent bulk. When damaged, the armor automatically secretes a chemical that closes holes and effects repairs. If the kroath is rendered unconscious or reduced below 0 hit points, its armor releases a powerful acid that completely decomposes the kroath, armor and all, in 1 round. Any other creature touching the kroath during this round takes 3d6 points of acid damage. After the kroath has been reduced to its component chemicals, the acid becomes inert.  The Armor adds +5 to the Kroath Toughness.
  • Regeneration: A kroath heals damage quickly. It may make a natural healing roll once per day (rather than every five days). Permanent injuries may be recovered once all other Wounds are regenerated. Treat each injury as an additional Wound for purposes of recovery (the being may try once per week).
  • Immunities: A kroath is immune to poison and to any detrimental atmospheric effects, such as gas, smoke, or lack of oxygen.


Dark Plasma Rifle: (Range: 20/40/60.  Damage: 2d10+2.  HW, AP 4) Made from the kroath’s bioorganic technology, dark plasma rifles are the standard weapons of kroath troops. Any creature struck by the rifle’s beam can make a Vigor check -2 to reduce the damage by half. A target killed by the rifle’s beam is disintegrated. A dark plasma rifle can be fired twenty times on a single charge, and it can be recharged through a method only known by the kroath.  If it takes enough damage to be destroyed, it melts down into a pool of chemicals.

Dark Plasma Trigun: (Range: 50/100/150.  Damage: 2d10+2.  HW, AP 4)  The trigun is a larger version of the dark plasma rifle, commonly mounted on a tripod. It functions exactly like the dark plasma rifle, except that it has a greater range.

Filament Chain:  (Reach 1, 2d6, 4 AP) A filament chain is a short whip made of monofilament wire that can slice through most materials.  It breaks down into chemical goo if destroyed. The filament chain must be recharged every 4 days if separated from a kroath’s bioorganic armor. If it is not recharged after the required time, it melts down as described above.


My Notes

These are bad-ass!  I love these aliens.  There were similar aliens in various media, including Stargate (the Kull) and the aliens of Battle: Los Angeles(a movie I quite enjoyed).

Battle: Los Angeles alien
The Kull from Stargate

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