The Kurabanda

The Kurabanda are a forest dwelling race of intelligent creatures somewhat similar to monkeys in appearance. These creatures have a crude form of tribal organization. They are known to have very primitive religious beliefs. They are believed to have a great love of practical jokes. Vengeance for wrongs done to themselves or their kin seems to be an important part of their culture. Kurabanda prefer to fight using the bow and arrow. They have also developed, and use, a primitive form of hang glider. The Kurabanda are one of the races on Volturnus; they are a sentient species with a neolithic level of native technology. Their society is based on a clan system and blood feuds between them have caused severe dvision. There are seven known clans in the Bachanda Forest are Sadris Built upon the virtues, prosperous trade and ingenuity of its past, this clan is now among the most needy in its corner of the forest. Commerce is most important to them and they base their honor system on how much trade one family can establish. Peace between the clans is at their best interest. Agvis Recovering from a devastating blood war with Gnuendi, Agvis have resorted to a strict religious code of penance to the rest of the clans. Gnuendi Strongest and most war-like of the clans, they have wages war with almost every clan. Only the Brodan have defeated them and a tenuous peace exists between them. Knazak The Knazak are instigators and trouble makers of the Kurabanda society. They thrive on the conflicts they can stir up between the clans. In doing this, it creates and market for their weapons makers, who are the top weapons makers of the Kurabanda people. Brodan The Brodan are the largest and most powerful clan of the Kurabanda. Through their political and military prowess, they have banded together a strong clan lording over the most prosperous regions in the forest. Dranage Close ally with the Brodans, they are primarily farmers and workers. They are also the best glider-makers. Kolek Kolek are the rogues and wildcards of the Kurbanda, their society is far more chaotic than any other.  Their love for practical jokes is unsurpassed. Guved The Guved are also referred to as as the “Excluded” for they have been outcast from the other tribes.  They no longer associate with the tribes and live in a completely different part of the planet.
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