Kushnir Day

Kushnir Day

Species: Gogakex

Type: Humanoid

Origin: Unknown

Strength *
Constitution *
Agility *
Intelligence *
Education  *
Charisma *
Empathy  *
Initiative  *
Move *
Skill/Dam *
Hits *
Appear *

* – all human like

Documented Notes

A race so ugly even they can not stand the site of each other, thus they learn to communicate through drumming.  Any surface can be a drum and they use this skill to communicate to others of their kind.

Add-ins & Elaborations

Not much is explained of the race or where it came from.  Is it destroyed or do they still exist?  Are they a genetic offshoot of the Cro-Magnon?

Natural Weapons/Abilities

Human like in every way except their appearance.   They are supernaturally ugly, to the point that they force Naturals to vomet on site.

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Supernaturally Ugly, Supernatural Hearing, Supernatural Drumming skills



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