Land of the Dead – Liberal Political statement

I am a huge fan of the George Romero`s zombie movies. However, I like them not because of the political statements he obviously is trying to make. In `Land of the Dead` (2005), I think he really tried too hard to make that political statement and ended up with a pretty crappie story. Why can`t he make just a good zombie film without all this crap!

LotD is quintessential example of a liberal attempt to show is twisted view of the world. It is a very sad view and helps you understand where they stand but it also shows you just how wrong they are. In the DVD extras, Romero even says that Fiddler`s Green “administration” was modeled after the Bush administration and Dennis Hopper was playing his character like Donald Rumsfeld. This illustrates their twisted view and how truly sad it is that people see the world this way.

His first dead films commented on many of the issues of the day – turbulent 60s, rampant consumerism (which to a liberal is bad, apparently), and racial divide. But it is quite obvious liberals like him are running out of things to complain about and just center on the politics of envy and the liberal mentality of entitlement.

Even though LotD is in a fantasy apocalyptic world with a lot of extremes, George like many other left-over-hippies-turned-movie directors, use these extreme to illustrate their view of the world and where they see injustice. So even though, there may not be a concept of a free-market and federal government in this fantasy, there is a parallel to their view reality.

It is the typical story of the `have` and the `have-nots.` In LotD, there are those that `have` and live in the high-rise community called Fiddler`s Green where a select group of people live like there is nothing else going on. Of course, the people living in the Green are all caught up in their own consumerism and capitalism. Now if he centered on that aspect of it, it might have been interesting. Maybe take someone who lives in the relative safety of the Green stumbling out into the reality of the Dead America. Also, of course note the interesting double meaning of the Green – money for the people that run it.

The `administration` is a group of people running the tower and ensuring the zombies stay out of the city. Of course, the city is modeled after Pittsburgh, so it has a river on two sides and he has fenced in the rest.

The `have-nots` are the people in the city behind the fence who do not live in the Green. These people eek out of life where they can, in a post-apocalyptic reality. The protagonists work to supply the survivors in the city with food by going out on missions to surrounding towns to steal food and supplies.

Also note the three-tiered society. (1) The Rich living in the Green (2) the middle class struggling by from scraps thrown out by the Rich (3) the majority of poor – the zombies – who are easily mesmerized by fireworks and start out dumb but get wise because of one leader. An easy parallel of the rise of the worker class – a typical communist theme.
The view here is that the `haves` are ensconced in their high-rise castles, not giving anything to the regular people, while they eek out of life where they can. They view the majority of people as the `have-nots` and there is no hope to ever become one of the `haves.` Their motivation for anything is based on envying what they do not have, although most of the liberals are fairly well off themselves, including George Romero.

What really gets me is that this is their view of the free market, in reality. The only way to control the free market and get what they are `entitled` to is to use big government and force it. Instead of working hard to get to the top of `the Green,` they want to use big government to force what the `haves` have to the `have-nots` when in reality all you do is enrich government and force the `haves` to be closer to the `have-nots.`

One of the protagonists, Cholo DeMora (John Leguizamo) `works hard` appeasing the Green at the cost of his values and scruples, as well the life of a comrade, in hopes to gain access to `the Green.` But instead, he is denied by the elitist administration something he feels he is entitled to. The underlying statement is that this is the injustice – you work hard and don`t get what is entitled to because the elitist rich only let whom they want into their `club.`

Instead, the lesson should be the basic old adage – at first if you don`t succeed, try again. This whole movie is a metaphor for the liberal`s disdain for the free market and conservative values. No one gets `golden goose` – in this case, an apartment in the Green – without hard work and that does not always guarantee it. The Green represents success, money and the life we all strive for. In reality, we accomplish that through hard work and learning from our failures. In the liberal world, that is something you are entitled to and all should get it. In reality, not all get it. Not all work hard enough while others have to work harder. It is not something you are entitled to.

The liberal mind sees money and success in life as something that elite holds close to them and does everything they can to prevent “commoners” from reaching their level. This is so contrary to common sense. It is only because of those commoners that these elite can have the money and the more money that flows, the better off the rich are, and the more money the rich have, the more they have to invest into more opportunities for us to make money. Just because you don`t see the immediate gain doesn`t mean you are the oppressed and are eeking out a life. Look at your 401k, mutual funds or 529 plans. Watch their growth over the years.

The capitalist free market with very little government intervention is what the liberal fear because it forces them to work hard and face reality. They want their success handed to them by an oppressive government rather than work for it. It is a question of who would you rather have holding the power. The free marketers who`s only means of protecting their wealth and power is through natural human competitiveness and hard work OR the government lackey who protects it power by one simple means – at the point of a gun.

I know it is crazy that one little movie gets me going like this but I hate this class warfare tactic the liberals use. Liberals like George need to shut up and make decent movies with a good story. Instead, his statement gets in the way of a good story.

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