Legend of the Emerald Knight

Legend of the Emerald Knight

System/Setting: Savage Worlds/Battle for Oz

I am currently writing a one shot for Battle for Oz.

Here is the basic concept …

Players are various rebels in whatever region is convenient for the story.  The Solomon Straw has gotten intelligence about a legend of a Emerald Knight in some region of Oz.  The players are sent to investigate the source of this legend.

The legend originates from some obscure town in a remote part of Oz, along the edges near the desert.  I want to make the people quirky and different, but still working that out.  The people are secretive of the legend and the players are not sure why.

Meanwhile, someone else has gotten wind of this legend on the other side and send agents to the same town.  Battle between the players and these agents may ensue.

Somehow, they learn the details of this legend.  It points to some previous unknown oasis on one of the deserts.  Getting there is the challenge.

Further investigation finds that there is rumor of a man with a flying machine, a hermit of sorts living in a valley on the edge of Oz.  This will turn out to be the last survivor of Flight 19, Lt. Charles Taylor.  Like the classic film, Flight of the Pheonix, he has pieced together from the wreckage of his planes, a flying craft that he secretly shuttles people in across the desert to havens on the other side.  Fueled by magic, I have this vision of one part plane, one part boat, with two Avenger engines on each side and a ball turret in the back.

After some more complications, Taylor agrees to take them to the oasis in search of the lost Emerald Knight.  I have not worked out what they knight is but it  is not going to be what the players or Scarecrow was hopping.  I plan to relate it back to more Bermuda Triangle mysteries … maybe a golem that is an amalgamation of lost ships and or plans, all formed around a Emerald shard or something like that…

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