Legend of the Tri-Lords

Legend of the Tri-Lords

Somewhere deep in the far western sea, the Tri-Lords were imprisoned by the Knights of Whitelore on a far island that is protected by strong Lore Wards, divine magic spells placed to keep any out of the prison.

They were placed there as punishment for their attempts to create a gateway between worlds. In their only successful attempt, they pulled in an island from a human dominated world. Many innocent people died.

However, that was not all. The Tri-Lords had broken the Law of Equilibrium, shredded the Barrier of Division. The gate periodically burst open, the Tri-Lords unable to stop it. Sailing vessels and later flying machines were drawn in. The Tri-Lords overstepped their bounds and had to be punished.

However, the Tri-Lords were heroes to some, because in their attempts to open the gateways, they also rid their world of an evil most foul – The Dark Tri-Lord and Wizard King Daglator Omnibus. The Underfalls Tower – him to the Dark Tri-Lords – remains abandoned to this day, as a reminder of his evil and keeper of all his secrets.

The Knights of Whitelore did not consider this action worthy of exonerating the Tri-Lords.