Log Entry 1 – Story Thus Far

Log Entry 1 – Story Thus Far

After six years of working together, the crew of the Lost Legacy had seen very little in the way of adventure. The routine stop on Primogen IV was no different than hundred times before – the captain always stayed away from the Primary city and landed somewhere out on the rim of the hot desert. This time it was to visit an old friend at a trading post.

But this was no ordinary stop.

The smoke plume was the first sign that the outpost had been attacked. Sand rats had raided the outpost, which was very uncharacteristic of them. Upon investigation, the crew found that they rats were looking for something – a box with coordinates to a Imperial scout ship. But the rats were gone, leaving only a few behind. The leader and his lackeys had already stared their journey to the crash site.

Leaving their ship behind, they journeyed to the crash site where the crew encountered a lone ISPD agent in search of the same ship they were, as well as indigenous sand digger creatures. However, nothing prepared them for the what awaited them at the crash site.

The crash site was on a plateau on the middle of the hot desert badlands. Butthe top was obscured by a huge mirage effect. The climb was long and arduous, but once they got there, they were faced by some kind of force wall. One by one, the walked into the wall and through it…

Only to appear 4000 to 5000 years in the past, on a island in the middle of a vast sea. By the stars, teh captain could tell that they were on the same world, byut somewhere in it’s distant past. Perils followed them here for they realized they were now in a world torn by the raging war with the Faceless Man and his Orc legions.

(to be continued…)