Log Entry 4 – Ep. 2: Timeless Mesa Part 2

Log Entry 4 – Ep. 2: Timeless Mesa Part 2

The Fortress awaited atop the volcanic mountain.  Gaseous cloud kept much of the mountain covered, and the noxious gases made the trek difficult.

The entrance was once guarded, but apparently no longer – the very modern guard robots were destroyed and lying in the jungle underbrush beside the entrance.  The entrance lay wide open, awaiting them.

The fortress was actually not on top, but laid suspended between four large chains.  IT looked more like a tomb and in fact it was – a tomb of a banished evil paladan.

The group barely made it through traps and treachery of the tomb, to find waiting for them something that should not be – something that was best described as a cross between an illithid and a dragon.  It was young and proved to be only a moderate challenge but Djunei was near death at the end of the battle.

The crew freed the dragon-thing’s prisoners – sorcerer and a pregnant elf.  The sorcerer was a half dragon who seemed a tad odd, but explained that he was a former servant to the Great Dragons, expert in time shifting and robotics.  He retired to Primogen and on hearing all the stories about how Primogen once was, decided to use us time shifting abilities to try and make a portion of Primogen like it was, for himself.

Unfortunately, he chose the wrong time and word got out in the past that a great wizard was on the island and the Faceless Man wanted to “apply” his knowledge to his armies.

The Wizard, partially because he was lonely, and partially because he needed more supplies to defend against the coming armies, reached out acorss the time barrier and pulled down the first ship he could find – an Imperial scout ship.

He unfortunately did not know what the ship was carrying.

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