Twi’lek Procurement Specialist, Played by Ron M. (GM)

Loh’khar is the FarStar’s procurement specialist – anything the team needs, he can often scrounge up in a matter of minutes to a few hours, depending on the size and rarity of the material. The tall Twi’lek is intensely secretive about his methods and sources in obtaining equipment, and often explains his methods away by saying, “If you have to ask where I got it, you won’t really want it.”


Loh’kar’s history

One Parent: Only Child, minor nobility

Mother, a trader, born in hospital on desert colony world.

Childhood: in service of patron (notorious criminal).

Adolescence: Friends involve in illegal activities (Bandits, Crime lord becomes patron & grooms for succession). Develops jaded tastes for exotic & expensive pleasures

Adulthood: Hobby (devoted, holomovies). travels all over the damn place.  Misadventure on other planet (desert, Explorer, empire takes over, put in prison 1 yr) (low security work farm, beaten frequently, learns thieving skills, escapes in prison uprising.)

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  1. Loh’Khar’s View of the Noble Houses

    The Houses have been around long before the Empire was here.  You had no idea how deep seeded it was in the sector’s society, though.  You made several contacts claiming to be a part of one House of another, but you made note of their title but never really realized the power of it.  Now that you have gotten an opportunity to see it first hand, the pieces of the puzzle are adding up.  The Noble House Aristocracy is mush larger than you thought, and it can prove to be either a hindrance or a help.  It all depends on how the Hew Republic plays it’s cards.  And being associate with the New Republic, their first impression effects your business potential.

    There are apparently 5 major houses, plus a innumerable amount of minor houses.  All the major houses are human, and a few of the minor houses are alien.

    House Ik’Tal

    An older house, House Ik’Tal comes across as the most stuffy and rigid of all the Houses.  They are most friendly with the Church, and prove to be one of the hardest groups to get any outside trade into.  They are strict traditionalists, and every time you dealt with them, you wished you had a protocol droid with you.  Their protocol is most complex.

    House Karadol

    This is another older house, but it has spent most of it’s time as a minor house (of which there are many).  It was only recently granted Major House status, due in part because they got along with the Imperials so well.  In a lot of ways, you relate to this house, because they do all they can to gain power, but sometimes they will do too much.  You trust this house the least.

    House Shador

    House Shador is a difficult House to deal with, because it was so restricted by the Imperials.  For some reason, the Empire somehow blockaded this house of all trade, and commerce.  Anyone caught trading with House Shador was arrested as a traitor.  You know that they are strongly anti-alien, and dominated my their males.

    House Brakia

    This is a very interesting House, to say the least.  They are extravagant to the point of gaudiness, but also the best melee weapon experts and makers in the sector.  They have a particular taste in covert melee weapons.  Trade with them is not difficult, but it does take a long time.   Their trade negotiations usually end in a grand party that you always end up getting pulled in.

    House Kathor

    House Kathor always made you smile when you knew you were dealing with them.  Not because they were good traders, although they were, but because they always helped you fine-tune your negotiating skills.  You always saw trading with them as a challenge.  They are the best businessmen you have ever dealt with.  You always read their contracts in detail, and everything they do is in a form of a contract.  If they can gouge you for a few extra credits, they will.

    House Twa’Legra

    Twa’Ledgra is a House in hiding, as are many of the alien minor noble houses.  However, Twa’Legra is most bitter about being forced underground, because they were on the verge of becoming a major house when the Empire came. Despite resistance with the predominantly human aristocracy, Twa’Legra was fighting hard for Major house status… and Karadol got it instead.  So they wait for their revenge, and have been fighting, fragmented and hidden, in the Rim worlds against them Empire.  You would like to have a position with in this House one day, and work hard to  gain a title.

    Trade Guilds

    The Trade Guilds are who you usually work through when trading.  They are the trade conduit for the Houses.  They also act as “labor unions” for the different trades the represent, and sponsor all the noble universities throughout the sector.  When trading with a house, a merchant from the Trade Guilds is present, as well as a member of the Church.   You know that the Trade Guilds secretly dealt with the Rebel Alliance.  One thing worth noting is that the Trade Guilds frown strongly against smugglers.

    Church of the Kathol Prophets

    The Church depends on the other Houses for its needs, as well as the Trade Guilds.  There is  always an obvious tension between the Trade Guilds and the Church.  You don’t know what to make of them.  They seem benevolent, but some of their teachings are a little eschew at best, a little dark at worst. The Church always seems to have a hidden agenda, and that little piece of information would be worth a planetary ransom for you.  You deal with a few factions within the Church that need special items, but these deals are usually very low-profile.