Lord of the Fries

Lord of the Fries

From: Cheapass Games

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Lord of the Fries is a new Traditional Card Game from Cheapass Games.

You and your opponents are Zombies working at a fast food joint called Friedey’s. The goal is to fill the best orders to gain the most points. The one who does becomes Lord of the Fries.

From ruleshseet:“Work Sucks”

Set up starts with choosing the menu of the game. There are a variety of menus available in the rulebook and more can be obtained from the web site via email. This determines the make-up of the deck. Each menu is different, making each game different. Once the card deck is designed, the cards are dealt to all players. In some cases, the cards will not come out evenly but the rules say it is OK.

Play begins with a random roll to determine the first order to be filled. Each player (in clockwise order) attempts to fill the order. Each player must either fill the order or pass. On a pass, that player must also pass a card to the left. If the first order is filled, that player takes the lead and either calls a new order or rolls one randomly. Once again, the next player can either fill the order or pass. If they pass, what happens depends on whether the order was rolled or called. If the order was called, the passing player does as before and passes a card to the left. If the order was rolled, the card comes to the leading player. Players keep the orders they filled for points. Play ends when one player has no cards, either through filling an order or passing a card.

It is really hard to see the dynamic of this game by reading the rules. You can only get the feel of the game by playing it. The strategy is in knowing what cards to get rid of, watching the orders other people are filling and/or calling, and when to call your order or roll it. It is an interesting dynamic and a multi-faceted game.

In conclusion, Lord of the Friesis a good game for many reasons. It has a unique dynamic and its replayability is pretty high. Card games in general have a strong replayability factor, but this one can be customized for each menu, which increases the factor even further. There is a little luck but also a little bit of the poker-style reading-people skills in this game.

For more details on Cheapass Games and their new Traditional Card Game “Lord of the Fries” check them out at their website http://www.cheapass.com, and at all of your local game stores.

Lord of the Fries

From: Cheapass Games

Type of Game: Traditional Card Game

Game Design by: James Ernest

Cover Art by: Brian Snoddy

Number of Pages: 1 page rules sheet

Game Components Included: 100 Cards, 12 micro-menu cards, and a rules sheet

Game Components Not Included: 6-sided dice

Retail Price: $ 14.95 (US)

Number of Players: 3-8

Player Ages: 10+

Item Number: CAG526

Website: www.cheapass.com

Reviewed by: Ron McClung