Lords Of Creation: Fantasy World Races

Lords Of Creation: Fantasy World Races

Fantasy Worlds are where magic, dragons, and all the mythical races exist. The Races a Character can choose from are: Dwarf, Elf, Giant, and Human. The races are explained below.



The Dwarf race is common throughout all fantasy worlds. They are short human-like creatures that stand about a meter and a half tall (between 3 and 4 ft tall.). Male and female both grow large beards. They live about three times longer than the normal human. They generally weigh about 30 to 40 kg.

Society & Traditions

Dwarven societies are based around a clan system, with a group of Elders ruling groups of clans, and a king ruling over all. They often live in underground caverns or castles.
Dwarves are a very proud, argumentative, and short-tempered race. Dwarven history is full of petty arguments that lead into wars.

Traditionally, Dwarves are highly skilled artisans and sturdy workers. They depend less on magic and more on knowledge and strength, ie…Dwarven Wizards are rare.
Psychologically, Dwarves enter their own form of Battle rage when they are in the presence of any of the Goblin race, Hobgoblins, Trolls, Orcs, or Ogres. Dwarves are usually Neutrally Aligned.

Dwarven Racial Abilities

Battle Rage- Normally {(PER)/3} %, except when around racial enemies (Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orcs, Ogres, etc.), where the percentage is {PERx2}%

Armorer Skill- Dwarves automatically receive the armorer skill at no cost.

Legends, and Heroes

In every fantasy world, there is a legendary underground castle that is a basis for all Dwarven legends. It’s either a creation of a joint effort of the dwarves and another race, like the Giants, or it was built to battle a great foe many years ago before the Great Tragedies. This particular structure is a great work of art, something Dwarves like to bring up when the argument of who is the better race.

Legend says the Dwarves originated from the World of Nidavelir, but no one has ever proven it, no one ever seen this world (except the Lords of Creation)

The Greatest Hero of Dwarvedom, (at least to the Lords knowledge, is an old Dwarven craftsmen, Andarvi who is the head craftsmen to most if not all of the Lords of Creation.


RANK: Time Lord

STA: 250 DEX: 50 RW: 8 M: 7 IM:4 DM:+1 RS: 45

Powers: Enchant Armor +7, Enchant Weapon,+8 Enchant Object+X,

Skills: Armorer +X, All engineer +8, All Robotics +7, Machinery repair +7,Cybernetics +6, Bionics +7,Vehicle: Repair +6, All computers +6, Carpentry +8, All Construct +7



Elves are the traditional 5 ft tall, pointed-eared, arrogant, humanoid race. Most are well knowledged in the magical arts, and there are many Elven Wizards in every fantasy worlds’ nobility. Their skin color is usually paler than humans, except for Dark Elves who are darker. There are three different sub-races or kindred in the Elven race: Dark Elves, Sea Elves, and Wood Elves.

Dark Elves

Dark Elves are the race of elves that dwell in crystal caves or the dark rain forests, and are traditionally dark-skinned and light haired. Those who are good natured and follow the Gods of Law and Good(See Alignment), dwell in the crystal caves, and fantastic crystal castles, and are experts in Crystal Divination. The Chaotic Dark Elves dwell in the rain forests, hating all that lives, and attacking anyone who crosses their domain from the tree tops with their legendary Long Bows.

Society & Traditions

Originally, the Dark Elves were those elves who rebelled against the High Elves ( the original race) after the Great Tragedies, and went following their own ways. Most of the were chaotic and Evil, but some broke off and continued a Good and Lawful life. the dark skin was a curse cast on the rebels during their rebellion by the High Elves, and now it is a part of their life.

The Lawful Dark Elves Keep a tradition of open-mindedness, and liberty. They thrive on magical knowledge ( like all elves do) and are expert bowmen, although unwilling warriors. All Dark Elves like all Elves find Dwarves very repulsive.

Dark Elven Racial Abilities

Night Vision-Dark Elves have incredible night vision.

Hide in Shadow: Dark Elves have the unique ability to completely hide in shadow. Percentage: {DEX/3}%

Legends & Heroes

Legends speak of the World where the Dark Elves first settled, in the World of Svartalheim. they rule that land completely (Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic together)./ No other race is completely welcome, especially Dwarves. Only those who have been declared Elf-Friend can enter.

The Dark Elf Oberon is the evil tyrant in Svartalheim that is trying to take control.He is the head Army Master of one certain Lord of Creation who has been trying to eliminate the world of Asgard for many of their centuries.


STA: 240 DEX:70 RW:+X M: 8 IM:5 DM:+2 RS:60

Power: All Lower Wizard Spells +X, All Necromancer Spells +7

Skills: Stealth +X, Camouflage +8, Climbing +7, Survival +7.

Armorer +X, Counter Insurgency +X, Counter Intelligence/Intelligence +X, Assassin +8.

Sea Elves

Sea Elves are the least seen of their kindred race. They have been seen with light green-blue skin, and greenish hair. They all are able to breath underwater, and share grand cities on the oceans floor with the Mermen, and Silkies.

Society & Traditions

Sea Elves are very secretive, as most Elves are. They don’t welcome curious adventurers in their underwater cities, but they are known to help shipwreck victims, no matter what race. They are always merciful, and understanding to situations as such. They are very friendly to the Sea faring Giants, whom they consider their strongest ally. They also are known to guide lost sailors that have gained their trust, which is very difficult. Trust is a major attribute to them. Break trust with them, and the perpetrator might as well had signed his death warrant.

Unlike their other kindred, Sea Elves do not use any type of bow. When they feel it is needed, the Sea Elves long harpoon-like spears, which glide through the water when thrown as if they were thrown through air.

Sea Elven Racial Abilities

Breathe Underwater- Sea Elves can breathe in most clean water (Not Contaminated)

Telepathic Link- Sea Elves have a telepathic link to all sea animals, and to fellow Sea Elves.

Legends & Heroes

There are many legends about the Sea Elves, like the great under water battles they have with their many foes, like the sea dwelling Saurians or sharkmen.

The legendary Sea Elven Rank is Dylan Eil Ton, Sea elvish for Sea Strong Wave-Son. He was a strong wizard that was excepted into the Lords’ Ranks after his valiant battle in the Sea Elven homeworld of Aqualvanheim.

Dylan Eil Ton

Rank: Dimension Lord

STA: 280 DEX:75 RW:+8 M:+X IM:6 DM:+2 RS:75

Power: All Lower Wizard Spells +X, Higher Wizard Spells +8

Skills: Concealment +X, Swimming +X, Find Direction +x, Vehicles: Aquatic +8, Survival: Water +X,

Wood Elves

Wood Elves or Light Elves as they’re sometimes called, are those who dwell secretly in the great forests of all fantasy worlds. They are grayish skinned, with brown or black hair, and are excellent Bowmen

Traditions & Society

Wood Elves are very pretective of their homes and the forests that surround them. No non-elf has ever entered their mysterious cities, or even found them for that matter, and ever told about it. If a non-elf ever enters their cities, they usually cast a magical binding spell on the character to keep the character from speaking of it.
The Wood Elves have few allies, and prefer to work alone, amongst fellow Wood Elves. Most of all, they find Dwarves repulsive. But some have been known to ally with humans, whom they find slightly barbaric, but very intelligent and wise. But other Fantasy Worlds, jealousy has overcome the humans, and they have enslaved the Wood Elves. These worlds are usually dominated buy a Chaotic aura, or even an Evil Lord.

Wood Elven Racial Abilities

Night Vision- All Wood Elves have unbeatable night vision.

Telepathic Link- All Wood Elves have a Telepathic link to all land animal. They can talk to them, and understand them.

Legends & Heroes

Legend says that the Wood Elves are direct descendents of the High Elves, the mother kindred. Their home world is Alfheim, but no High Elves have ever been found there. To the Lords’ surprise, the High Elves have disappeared from all known Time and Dimensions.

The great Lord Rank of the Wood Elves is Gloriana, a Female Wood Elf and a descendent of Royalty. Her parents are the King and Queen of Alfhiem, and she serves her parents with her Lordly powers to ensure peace for the Wood Elves.


Rank: Space Lord

STA: 270 DEX:70 RW:+7 M:+X IM:6 DM:+3 RS:75

Power: All Druidic Spells +X

Skills: Concealment +X, Find Direction +x, Vehicles: Aquatic +8, Survival: Forest +X, Ride Mount +X.Animal Care +X.



Giants as their name describes, are large humanoid creatures that stand about 3 to 4.5 meters tall. Giants have little, if any, relation to the Rock Giants, Frost Giants, or Fire Giants. In fact no one knows where the Giants came from.

Traditions and Society

Most Giants are Sea Farers, and own huge sea ships. They hire out to any willing patron to do any type of sea transportation. Giants are known as the Gypsies of the Sea, or the Unhomed, for they do not know where their home world is. They only feel they have not found it. The closest they come is endlessly riding the currents of the many seas of the fantasy worlds.

Traditionally, Giants are friendly to most, especially humans, who they feel the most related to. Dwarves and Giants often work together to create incredible structures of stone. Giantish constructions are known as the strongest in all the fantasy worlds. Giants, being sea men, also build the most durable sailing ships. “To own a Giantish ship is to own a castle. To sell a Giantish ship is to gain a fortune” is a quote from a wise old seaman known to the Lords.

Giantish Racial Abilities

Giantish Strength- All Giants can carry or lift 3 times their base Strength. The Character should make a note of it but should keep the percentage for times to role against it in gaming.

Giantish Stamina- Like Giantish Strength, Giantish Stamina refers to the incredible endurance of the Giants. The Giants can take damage equal to their Base Stamina before they actually start taking physical damage. In other words, in combat situations only, a Giant can take Twice his Stamina in damage.

Heroes & Legends

There are many legends on where the Giants came from, but none more popular than the Legend of Hirithia the Cloudfollower. This legend is only a legend for not even the Lords know the truth (The Lords aren’t as all knowing as they like to think). Hirithia, or Hyritia, or many other various names throughout the fantasy worlds, was a female human who, it is said, made love to a tall human male of godly form, some say the Giantish God Tytranos, the God of Promise. From that was born the first Giantish Kindred. Of course the time of this birth and everything related conflicts from world to world. But throughout the Time Flow and Dimensional Continuum, not a Lord can find substance to prove this allegation.

Lord Saltsoul Waveslicer is a famous Lord of Creation, ruling many Worlds and Dimensions with honor and strength. Few have torn a world from his grip. He is an old veteran of the Time Wars, and has many allies. He tells the lessons learned from the Time Wars, and is one of the founders of the Peace treaty that organized the Laws for the Inside War, the battles fought by the Ranks (what this whole game is based on.)

Saltsoul Waveslicer

RANK: Lord

STA: 550 DEX: 85 RW: +X M: +X IM: 9 DM:+5 RS: 90

Powers: All Lesser Wizard +X, All Higher Wizard +8, All Invoker +7

Skills: To many to list.

Racial Ability Modifier

Dwarf +10 -10 -5 +5
Dark Elf +5 +10 -5 -10
Sea Elf +10 +5 -5 -10
Wood Elves -5 +10 -10 +5
Giants +20 -10 -10 +0

Movement Ratings

Race Walk M/Turn Run M/Turn Hourly km/hour
Dwarf 8 26 4
Elf 10 30 5
Giant 25 70 15